Monday, May 07, 2018

27th Foot - Airfix 1/32

Ahh, the old Airfix Polythene 1/32 figures. I am pretty sure I bought a box of these with my pocket money when I was about 12!

Friday, April 06, 2018

Charles Stadden

Whilst waiting on certain figures to arrive, I often find myself doodling, as it were, with the paintbrush. Like most other hobbyists, I have a large pile of unpainted lead, sometimes certain items within are - er - years old.

So it was with these Stadden  French Napoleonic figures. Some were from an eBay purchase of a mixed lot, others were from a hare-brained scheme to do the first regiment of Grenadiers of the Guard as a Charge! style unit.

This is starting to look like a series of posts on the classics of wargame figure design of the past sixty years or so.

Friday, March 30, 2018

HE Knights in 30mm

Holger Ericsson is best known in the English speaking world probably for his 40mm Karoliner moulds available today through Prince August and for his designs for SAE in the 1950s and 1960s.

He was also a prolific sculptor in the 30mm scale, Those of you familiar with the Tradition and Spencer Smith websites will be familiar with is exquisite Horse and Musket era troops. Both are of great beauty, but it is in his depiction of the moving horse that his real skill is displayed, and his cavalry are especially worth collecting.

It is possible still to buy his other figures through this tribute website:

Highly recommended for their efficient service. Best of all for lummocks like me, they speak English!

Without further ado, a picture of some of the HE knights.

As nature intended
Not from one of John Garrett's books!
I have painted these figures in the heraldry of French knights who fought at Poitiers, although their armour styles are from considerably later, perhaps the 1420s. I have one more standard bearer to paint then i will move on to some 30 Years' War cavalry that I purchased at the same time.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Geological time passes and figures are painted...

Murad Bey
A Mameluke Cavalier

Officer of the 7eme bis

1970s Naughty French Hussarette
 Not the first nor the last of the genre...
The Bold General

The scientific Away Team

The retinue of an Arab slaver

Tough guy...
Waiting on the next castings from Tradition. Looking forward to them mightily.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Napoleon in Egypt

Ahhh, Napoleon in Egypt. It seems that this is a persistent butterfly for many war gamers, myself included.

At first glance it seems t have a lot to recommend it. A wide variety of actions, from the smoke-billowing squares of the battle of the Pyramids, to Desaix's colonial campaign against Murad Bey along the upper Nile, to Siege operations and open battles.

Mamluk, British and French forces all offer a variety of colour that is most attractive; the French seem particularly exotic with their various interim uniforms.

So I am taking the plunge myself. Willie French in bicornes versus various "Islamics" that I intend to pilfer from across the whole of the range.

I think that I shall be organising the french in Demi-Brigades of three 16 figure batallions, each with a few command figures. The Demi-Brigade will hold the colour and a mounted officr. This will offer me some scope for conversions to which I am looking forward.

What? That's the same as the "Charge!" organisation?

Well, I never...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wargaming the Franco-Prussian War

Last year I managed to acquire a small collection of Franco-Prussian War figures. They were 25mm Tradition (plus a few plastic Spencer Smith) figures originally from the collection of Stuart Asquith which he has shown considerable ingenuity in assembling from diverse sources.
Tradition Bavarians

I have been slowly adding to it myself along the same lines and I am at the point where it is time to start doing something with the collection. It's about eight units per side now of infantry at ten figures per unit. There are also two units of cavalry at eight figures per side as well. No guns yet, but that it a problem I am sure I can resolve.
Tradition Prussians

Now here's the thing. I am looking at this collection as a game in a box (or two) that I can pull out, have a game with in a couple of hours whilst hitting the beer and chatting amiably about toy soldiers and so on.
Old SAE Swedish Cavalry repainted as Prussian Dragoons

Can anyone in blog-land suggest a ruleset? or do I need to write my own?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

4th Quarter Painting

Nice to have a camera that sort of works again..!

First of all, some Soviets:
Pegasus Maxim Crew 
Pegasus Fast-Build T-26s
 Nice little kits these. Vastly superior to the Minairons offering.
Strelets Winter War Russians
They do what it says o the box, but no heavy weapons. I have painted a full battalion of these but have looked to Pegasus and Zvezda for specialists. Any more infantry I buy will be Pegasus, I think.

Next, a couple of guns for the Finns:
These are HaT Industrie hard plastic Putilov 76.2mm Field Guns
These guns were the mainstay of the Finnish field artillery during the Winter War. Obsolescent and short of ammunition, the Finnish gunners performed creditably with them.

Next up came some Prince August homecast additions for my son's little Saxon army:
Rump-a-tump-tump, rump-a-tump-tump
This is the narrow wheelbase version as I couldn't get the axles to cast properly! 
 And finally, the DAK came to town. Kits from PSC.
Early mark PzKw IIIs
Everyone's favorite eight-wheeled armored cars:
What's not to love?
There's other stuff - some PSC PAK38s, a Horch heavy car and a couple of SdKfz 251s. Bit of a slow burner though and I don't expect to have them in a war-gameable condition until the second half of the year.

Plans? Oh, the Finns need a few tweaks. I'd like to get a few ski-companies, a couple of Reindeer drawn sledges and I am still waiting on a brace of AT guns. Surprisingly thy already have air support in the shape of an old FROG Fokker and a Blenheim MK1. The Soviets will need to expand to at least regimental strength with an attached armored battalion and other supporting arms. They have some Polikarpov fighters, but i would like to track down a Tupolev SB-2 bomber to try supplu drops into their mottis.

I want to get into some winter terrain. I have some white 'chino' cotton for base cloths and some 'winter' pine trees, but need to put field fortifications and a couple of bunkers together.

Another company of PSC PZ IIIs would be welcome too!

The Winter War

I have started collecting figures for a 20mm Winter War project.

For the Finns, I'm using Eureka Miniatures excellent figures. Apart from gun crews and perhaps cavalry and vehicle crews, the range includes pretty well everything you could need to make up a Finnish army.

I have painted a battalion so far. Here are a couple of pictures to get a taste of how they are coming along.

MG and Crew
 Very happy how they are coming out.
Riflemen in the snow
I have started on the Soviets as well. I've painted a box of the Strelets Winter War  infantry, but  the limited options in the box mean that heavy weapons and command figures need to be sourced elsewhere. I bit the bullet and went to Pegasus who have lovely great coated Soviet troops with anti-tank rifles, Maxims and 81 and 120mm mortars. naturally these are meant for the Great Patriotic War period and there are anachronisms - like the ATRs, SMGs and the M1940 helmets, but my options are limited and what the heck, I do have the Rapid Fire! supplements for the eastern Front, so what the heck.

I will be using Zvezda Senior Officers, 76.2mm infantry guns 76.2mm and 122mm M30 artillery.
Zvezda Winter Command. Love the chap with the pipe and the Astrakhan hat.

Wish me luck and have a happy new year!