Monday, May 31, 2021

Sorry, blog, I've been neglecting you.

 So here are some pictures to cheer you up.

I've spent the past months blitzing away at my old WH40K stash. Painting has gone rather well and I think I've gotten through about 50 figures and vehicles. So here we have a small sampling of what's been through the painting pipeline... The eagle-eyed among you will doubtless be able to tell what is what among these and doubtless some may be horrified by the de-blistering and painting of some items. But. It was either that or eBay.

Monday, April 26, 2021

A Weekend in the Stash Pile

Late last week I was looking at my various stashes of figures as a break from painting Willies when I happened across an older GW box set that I had bought some years ago, probably from eBay. It's the "Battle for Macragge" set with a small force of Space Marines and a slightly larger one of Tyranids plus some cool terrain and objective markers.

My set was minus all the rulebooks and fluff, but the box had become a repository for all my various Space Marine bits and pieces. The humus was rich and deep and perhaps it was time to go to harvest.

It wasn't until I started painting them that I realised how cool the Tyranid plastics were and how well they'd respond to the Contrast paints I wanted to use on them. Two thumbs' up GW. I went with A green and bone combination that I will use on everything. It contrasts nicely with the orange-yellow of the groundwork which was felicitous as I chose that as a contrast to the dark blue of the Marines. 

Army colour choices - sorted!

It's a Mars-like world, newly colonised, the soil rich in oxides of iron that are being trickle-mined by gen mod plants. There is no heavy industry yet and only a few millions of colonists who've only lived on this world for a couple of generations.

When the Tyranid invasion came, there were only a few millions of fighting creatures. It was never known why this was although in the aftermath, Tech savants theorised that it was a hive that was either immature or severely compromised. The planetary defense corps held it's own handily, although Marines were sent to help them finish the job. 

What was not realised in the aftermath of the first campaign was that remnant forces were still extant at the Southern pole of the planet and also that Genestealers had gotten in among the Civilian population.

The Tyranid Remnanters grew in strength over time.

And when the time was right they struck in terrifying numbers. The Defense Corps and the Marines may have held them. Just. 

However, then the Cultists struck from within.

The situation is dire. All fronts are collapsing. The troops are in full retreat. All they can hope to do is cover the civilians as they stream toward the evacuation transports at the spaceport, harried and desperate carrying nothing but the tiny bundles of their dearest possessions.

All is lost.

Hive Fleet Remnant
The pile of shame had quite a few disparate Marine bits, so I tried experimenting a bit with the poses. Space Marines are famously inanimate so I wanted to get them moving. I think I may be winning.

Ahem. These Marines are losing rather badly. They are troops thrown together from several companies; remnants of squads, the cooks, drivers and batmen all scraped up and put on the line. Equipment is serviceable rather than regulation often being patched together and cannibalised. These are not squeaky clean Ultramarines. These are Marines who have caught the nasty end of the stick and are reeling to keep their balance.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

A few items for the Sikh Wars

I've been doing a little painting these past few days and thought I could share a little of that with you, dear readers. These few subjects are additions to my small Sikh Wars forces in the shape of general Sir Hugh Gough

The Bombay Horse Artillery. Surely one of the more outrageously colourful units ever.
Sikh infantry of various regiments. All 'Willie" figures by Edward Suren, of course. Add to these the 25 or so British infantry already painted and certain things I am planning on adding - Sikh Artillery, some British lancers, irregulars of various kinds and you can see where this will go. I am not planning on building for any particular battle, but rather aiming on building a representative collection that I can play with using "The Sword and the Flame". Perhaps four units of infantry a side, a couple of units of cavalry and a battery each. The British side of this collection then may expand to work in with a "Crimean" collection. I wonder if Napoleonic Highlanders would work in with these?

Monday, January 11, 2021

In which your auditor has nothing else to do...

 It was a quiet long weekend after the Christmas Hols.

The brigadier was off in France, collecting the latest from Mlle Desfontaines. I believe it was a Rupert build all of lead sheet and multiple solderings. The poor woman wore glasses like coke bottle bottoms, I swear.

Father was in on some campaign with Tony, one of his other friends. He and Phil and Mr F. and doubtless others were all in together. I believe he was concocting some scheme whereby Dendermonde might at last be beseiged. A sudden descent from the Alligator Swamp, doubtless.

Mother was knitting a new tablecloth and planning some watercress and orangeade sandwiches for lunch whilst flicking through "Royalist" magazine.

So I got on with some painting.

Another sixpence from the Brig, no doubt. Soon enough I might be able to buy some toy soldiers of my  own! I drank up my port, licked my brush to a fine point and cracked on.

Monday, January 04, 2021

A Prussian Mania or Odd Doings in the Night

It had been rather a wargaming bender, with The Brigadier staying over in the guest room when the game had gone on rather too long. Many tense moments were had over Father's painstakingly created Willie tertios as we re-fought the battle of Edge Hill. 

Ye Gods, how it went. Rupert Charging! back and forth with Boye at his heels, faulconets flaming and dour roundheads taking to their heels as gay cavaliers shewed 'em what is what, what! And how the Brigadier held forth! For it was true he had written the book on the Royalists, on the army and on the jolly battle.

Sadly, though all was not well for the King and Father and I were pressing the Royalists sorely at the end of play for the day. We had a mighty fine plan for how we'd settle them on the morn.

Mother had retired early to get cracking on her knitting as I needed a new pullover for Fourth Form. However, this was not before she laid out a rather smashing spread of lamb-chops and well-boiled sprouts de Bruxelles! With bread and butter, too!

Father had retired to the kitchen to use Mother's gas ring and an old saucepan to melt some roofing lead in order to cast some figures in his plaster moulds. Every now and then there would be a terrific crack as one of them blew into shards!

Homework done, I fell into an uneasy slumber. 

I was awakened at 2 in the morning by a heavy foot on the stair. "Wha..?" I muttered groggily, a Blue Peter badge adhering to my forehead. I wasn't quite used to the Brigadiers diet of cigars and VAT 69 Whiskey yet and so could be forgiven a touch of fogginess.

"Who?" A portly figure passed my door. It paused for a moment as though the not-very stealthy somnambulist were pausing to asses my wakefulness. Then the footfalls moved on in the direction of the war-gaming room. I slumbered on in a haze of Whiskey fumes.

 The next morning saw myself and Father green-gilled over bacon and eggs. The Brigadier ate heartily, accepting seconds from Mother before we all trooped off to the Wargaming Room.

The situation on the green baize of the table top had been revised from my recollection and, although Father and I battled valiantly, there was little that could be done to retrieve the situation. Oh how we eyed the inscrutable Brigadier. Oh, how bland was his returned gaze.

The Brigadier slipped me a sixpence and I handed over the first company of the Erbprinz regiment plus a few samples. "Well done my boy! Do that all yourself? Bully for you!" He tossed back a port for the road, leapt nimbly into his MGB and erupted down the lane toward Dover town with a terrific roar of laughter and a showered spatter of gravel.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Discoveries in the Lead Mountain


We had gotten to the part of the afternoon where the cigars and VAT 69 Whiskey had come out. 

The Brigadier and I were rummaging through the lead pile here in a remote department of the Duchy when - "Aha!" quoth he. "I remember these little fellows!"

He triumphantly waved aloft a small packet. We peeled off the browned and unadhesive tape, and carefully brushed aside the decayed remnants of some foam peanuts to reveal the undercoated figures.

Fortunately I was familiar with the Stadden back catalogue and I knew them for the Frenchmen they were. 

"Ha! These will paint up a treat, dear boy!" He pressed them into my hands. "Santoigne Regiment, American Revolution. There's a jolly good picture in young Mollo's Blandflord."

"What ho!" he cried. "Have those done by Christmas and I'll have a shiny sixpence for you my boy!". With a hearty slap to my shoulder he poured himself a port for the road and vaulted into his MG. As the gravel spurted from under his tires, I reflected that I had not - yet - completed the first Company of the Erbprinz Regiment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Infamous BVC

The Bush Veldt Carbineers were a Light Horse in South Africa notorious for the conviction and execution by firing squad of two of it's officers and the imprisonment of a third for the murder of numerous Boer prisoners of war. They were just one of many small units of what were basically irregular light infantry raised to prosecute the guerilla war against the diminishing Boer commandoes as the Boer War ran down in late 1901-2.

Their job was to out-Boer the Boers. They are a troop type that is absolutely necessary if one is to war game the later phase of the Boer War. I'll probably make up the troopers from Willie Lancers with heads swapped from figures with slouched hats. 

I am also considering getting together a unit of New South Wales Lancers which could probably be done in much the same way with or without lances.
This figure is a lightly converted US Cavalry officer from the Willie "Wild West" range. Sadly the horse looks a little like an over-sized dog!