Friday, July 01, 2016

Painted Samples

Junior Officer, Pikemen and Senior Officer of the Leib Garde

Pikeman of the Kurfurstins' Regiment

Some rather hypothetical Swedes!
Painted wet-on-wet with some washes and layering.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Project for 2016-2017

More important politically than militarily, the Battle ofFehrbellin (June 18, 1675) will be the focus of a new project here in the Duchy of Alzheim.

Pinched from Wikipedia
I have admired for quite a while the Willie late 17th Century figures (Monmouths’ Rebellion, Tangier and so on…) and had been looking for an excuse to paint some up. This will be the excuse!
Pitting a well-balanced Swedish force which is attempting an orderly withdrawal under pressure against a Brandenburg army which is mostly cavalry, it is an interesting battle between two small armies of differing capabilities.

The Brandenburg army was somewhere in the region of 30 Squadrons of horse, slightly more than a regiment of Dragoons, 1350 infantry drawn from various regiments and 14 guns. The Swedes disposed of a similarly sized force but with a better balance between infantry and cavalry as well as a marked superiority in artillery. I do not have a precise breakdown of the Swedish force so I shall guesstimate somewhere in the region of twenty squadrons and about 2400 infantry along with 25 guns.

I will be using the Beneath the Lily Banner (2nd Ed) rules which seem pretty well right for the fight. For those of you who are not familiar with them, in BtLB2 an infantry unit is three stands of six figures. Another smaller stand of pike may be added  (decoratively and as a designator) behind the central stand for nations other than the Swedes. For the Swedes, the Pike are considered to be a part of the central stand. A squadron of horse is represented by a single stand of 2-3 figures.

What does this mean for me? If I went for a representation of each unit involved, then for the Brandenburgers I would be putting two units of foot (say the equivalent of two 600+ man battalions) on the table and 30 squadrons of horse as well as 2-3 guns on the table. The Swedes would get in the region of 5-6 units of infantry, 25 Squadrons and 5-6 guns. Were I to bathtub things, I would reduce the numbers of units by half and plan my ground scale accordingly.

Now, if anyone was able to get me Swedish Uniform and Flag references as well as a decent Swedish OOB for the battle, I’d have it made!

Pictures as I paint figures will be forthcoming.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Bit of an Idea for a Late 17th Century Regiment of Foot

Consider if you will the following:

       N         P P P P P         N

M = Musketeer
P = Pikeman
O = Officer
E = Ensign
D = Drummer
G = Grenadier

I'd base the musketeers on 4, six figure bases and the pike block on a single base. The grenadiers would be off on their own ready to be stuck in some Folorn Hope.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Heckenfeur - It's on us; real world consequences's-on-us:-the-real-world-consequences-of-our-politics/7375436

Now, under the Australian asylum seeker regime someone's gone and actually doused himself with petrol. And burned himself to death.

So proud of my country. So very proud.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wither Wargaming?

Some news.

 There is a bit of a building project afoot at chez moi.
The end result will be along the lines of a three metre by six metre studio-cum-man-cave for yours truly.

I am reasonably secure in the knowlege that this will only take a minimum of pruning (especially of books and plastic kits of various kinds!) and I ought to then be shoe-horned into a reasonable space with everything in the one place. I have dreams of a reading chair, a lamp and a kettle.

Until now, the greatest barrier to my fully exploiting the possibilities of the hobby has been the lack of a place where I might actually have a game or leave one set up for a few days, so, the fingers are crossed.

Now I might actually have to have some sort of a game with all these toy soldier thingies I keep on buying!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Da Wallz Uv Mektown

What's a GorkaMorka game without some big, orky-looking terrain?

Da Wallz Uv MekTown
A chum and I are preparing slowly for a GorkaMorka demo game at the end of May for Little Wars, Melbourne.

Not to give too much away, but we are looking at getting a tanker Trukk full of XXXX Fungus Beer (Old Toady qv) from Da BrooHaus to Mektown along a rolling track with 2-3 factions attacking to win the prize of bringing 'er 'ome for Da Big Wun; look, let's just say it's one huge Orky Kultcharal Festivul and leave it at dat.

Like Orktoberfest, but wiv more Gunz.

Anyway, here are the fruits of my labours on the weekend with corrugated cardboard, masking tape, gloopy glue, paint, water and plaster powder. The result seems pretty robust and just needs a lick of paint.

Job's a good 'un. But does it need spikes? The question of our age.

UPDATE - Oh what the heck, let me inundate you with Orky imagery.
A few uv da Boyz. Groink!

Trukks wiv Boarding Plankz. Raaarrrrrr!

Trukkz wiv Roll Cagez - an unushual vencha in OH&S for da Ladz

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

French Line Gunners - Foremost

Will I sound self-satisfied if I remark that I am very pleased with how these fellows turned out?

I suppose I need a gun, now.

Next up, I'll be starting work on some RHA. Already cleaned and primed.