Friday, December 16, 2005

Slackness admitted!

I have been slack. It's been ages since I've posted. Mea culpa.

It's Christmas. Real life has been inserting it's boring self and getting in the way of my proper business!

I have finally just finished of Regiment Bourbonnois, and really feel that I have a decent-sized force at last. It's gotten me ready to do Cavalry Reg't Wurttembourg.

My last report has convinced me to go with larger cavalry regiments, so I will be building to 16-18 figure regiments of horse from now on - as well as going back over those I have and beefing them up. Following Wurttembourg, I think I will be adding another Squadron to my Turpin Hussars. This will give me a respectable three regiments of Horse to go with my four of Foot.

I think then it will be time for me to paint some gunners.

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Anonymous said...

We want photos!!!!