Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hussard des Volontaires de St Victor

Just a little test figure for the first of a French (err, the Grand High Supreme Duchy of Soubre-Whelm) Light Corps to counter that of the shifty von Kleist. Looks like he's crossing a frozen lake (un lac glacee? Probably not..!). Now that's a piece of useful wargames terrain!

Quelle un deus ex machina!


Anonymous said...

Nice figure. I noticed in a previous post that there is a problem about converting one of these to a standard bearer. What exactly is the problem?

Bloggerator said...

The sword is sculpted so that the Hussar is holding it upright against his body. Removing it would be difficult I think - the metal the figure is cast in is very hard, and I think the swords' removal would be pretty destructive of the figure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that - I've yet to buy any light cavalry from RSM - don't trust the flighty little buggers. On another note, I gave you some time back a link to the army of Savoy site. Well, my knowing that was based upon my own upcoming OS armies being set in the WAS in Italy - the weather's nicer than Germany. To further this, I asked a question about Italian flags of the period on the LaceWars, syw and warflag yahoo groups, and have had some useful responses, if you are interested.