Thursday, March 08, 2007

More on the Defense of Strudelberg Croats

I just sent off an order to DPC for another dozen Croats which ought to finish off the second company and help the third get well on its' way. I also will be welcoming a dozen galloping Austrian Dragoon castings to recruit into my Bavarian forces. Additionally, I ordered a few Ottoman Turks who I think look promising as "early Croats" - I'm fairly excited about these and really hope they'll live up to my expectations.

Next, I'm hoping to convert a couple of the dragoons into drummers using the seperate drums it's possible to buy from Castaway Arts. How did these guys steer their horsies, anyway? Did they tie their reins to the stirrups or something? Anyway, expect me to beplaying with knives, files, greenstuff and brass wire soonish...

I'll get a picture of the completed company up tonight or tomorrow morning.

On another note, me and the missus have finally (after saving for about three years) booked a European Holiday. Mmmm. Six weeks, and only two of it tied into a tour (OK, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna - it's like the Austro-Hungarian Empire Tour...) so I'm free-ish for four weeks.

Who's got suggestions on places to be and things to do from a geeky perspective?


Bluebear Jeff said...

My major suggestion for your vacation is very simple . . . DON'T OVER-SCHEDULE!

Leave time for both "travel burnout" and for sudden inspiration.

Oh yes . . . enjoy yourselves!

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I suggest visiting Belgium: Waterloo Battlefield, Ypres WW1 stuff, Ardennes WW2 stuff, Brussels and Bruges as cities.
Oh and Amsterdam in the Netherlands is worth a four day trip. Make sure you tryu and get cty trip passes. They are expensive but after two days of you saved a lot on free interance in museums, restaurants etc...


PS: those Eureka minis are really great...