Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Painted Eureka Saxons

I'll get some better photos up in the next day or two. More painted figs to follow as I complete them.

The blue-faced troops are from either the Prince Xavier or von Frankenburg Regiment, whilst the Fusilier is from the von Rochow Fusiliers. This last unit was created when the artillery protection troops went into the line in the 1730s, hence the colour of their coats and facings being the same as those of the gunners.

UPDATE: Ahh, that's a bit better.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Greg,

Those new Eureka figures sure do paint up well. It will be fun to see a full unit of them once painted. Your account of how you entered the hobby was an interesting read too. Actually, one of the things I enjoy best is learning how people started down a particular hobby/interest/career road. Please feel free to add some more details to your own "story" sometime.

I too was a dedicated fantasy gamer (Dungeons and Dragons), but discovering issues 6 and 7 of Miniature Wargames changed all of that. I blame Peter Gilder and Doug Mason in partiular! The rest is history as they say.

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Seeing your fusilier in the green coat and red facings I'm leaning even more towards red coat and green facings for my Fuselli Fusiliers (although they are actually musketeers, Fuselli Fusiliers has a better ring than Fuselli Musketeers, in my opinion).

Bloggerator said...

Hi Fitz,

I can see no way that you can avoid calling them the Fuselli Fusilieers.

No way at all.

I think they ought to bear your flag as well - I like the white cross on the blue field.




Bloggerator said...


I've a few ideas rattling around for some extra "auto-biographical" posts in the near future.

I was bit of a D'N'D boy in High School, too.



Grimsby Mariner said...

they sure are pretty. I do like the definition on the leather apron - a nice touch.

Alte Fritz said...

What about the Manicotti Musketeers and the Gnocci Grenadiers. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry thinking about them.

Nice paint job on the figures. I just got my order over the weekend and I have no idea how to paint them. Did the Saxons have permanent converged grenadier establishments like the Prussians or are they more ad hoc. Are the Garde all grenadiers (red coats) or are some of them musketeers. I take it that the fusiliers only wear the green coat . I liked the Eureka mounted general and thought about using him as an Austrian general as well.

Bloggerator said...

Hello Jim,

How many did you get? I'm somewhere in the region of 250 of the blighters - about a year's painting at the rate at which I paint!

There is little published in English on Saxon doctrine that I can find. What there is in German, I cannot read without the aid of babelfish! So your guess is as good as mine with regard to Saxon converged Grenadiers.

The Leib Grenadier Garde all wore Mitres. There were two other Garde regiments with Musketeers in hats and Grenadiers in mitres. These latter unit wore white coats with red distinctions. They were differentiated each from the other by button colour.

You are correct in surmsing the fusilieers were the only regiment towear the green coat.

I'm not too hot in the Eureka mounted Officers - to my eye they are a bit on the dumpy side, being a little short in tghe torso - I compare them negatively with the RSM mounted officers. They do fit their mounts very nicely, though - unlike the RSMs!

Ought I put up something here or perhaps even sell to Henry a "Painters' Guide" do you think?