Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Wars 2008

I went to the inaugural “Little Wars” show in Melbourne yesterday.

It’s a new event promoted in part by Eureka Miniatures as being aimed at getting gamers in touch with each other.

It certainly did that for me!

The venue was the German Club Tivoli in Windsor. I got through a liter of beer and a plate of rindsroulade mit dumpling despite the rather eccentric catering arrangements!

There were a good few games on. I noted a very impressive “Ring of Isengard” LoTR game that featured a colossal Isengard tower that must have been more than one-and-a-half meters high; this very much impressed the Duchess of Alzheim.

I played in a Sumerian Game – Water Wars with some very nicely painted Eureka Sumerians. It was also my first introduction to the Armati rules; all I can say is we may have done better at rolling for initiative at the start of each turn! As it was, my ability to roll a six with unerring accuracy at most other times kept my chariotry alive under an absolute hailstorm of missile fire for far longer than I deserved!

I picked up a few nice items both from the traders and from the Bring and Buy. Pride of place goes to my English Language edition of Engelmann and Dorns’ volume on Frederician Infantry Uniforms. Apparently all I need do now is track down the companion volume on the Cavalry and I’ve got it made… I picked up a large mixed bag of Castaway Arts oddments which will feed various projects nicely and I was pleased to come across a copy of the WRG 1685-1815 rules for a fiver.

I laid my hands on a copy of the League of Augsburg’s’ “Beneath the Lily Banner” rules for the 1660-1720 period and am now retrospectively very glad I never sold my old Essex figures after all!

Finally, I picked up a sample pack of Eureka’s’ new Saxons – not the tricorne era ones, but chaps from a far darker age. Very nice and they will give Gripping Beast a run, I think. Review to follow in the next few days.

I was very pleased to be able to spend some time chatting to Gerry from Castaway and Nic from Eureka and to bump into Maurice from the Old School Yahoo group. It’s such a shame he no longer seems to post there – he always was worth reading when he posted! Gerry showed me some newly cast command for his Colonial range – I noted British, Ghurkha and Bengal Lancer Command – so there’s a lot to look forward to from our Australian manufacturers – take note!

I’ll upload a few pictures this evening.


MiniWargamer said...

Although I follow you via RSS, I hope you'll post your comments on Beneath the Lilly Banners on the OSW group. I'd love to get everyone's impressions. I've always wanted to do that era since I read Churchill's biography on Marlborough.

Bloggerator said...

Oh for sure - I've only read the first few pages so far, and they look OK. Extremely well-peresented, too. I've got them with me here at work today and i mean to have a read of them on my lunch-break.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Here's the address of another Yahoo Group that is dead on the period that you are interested in:

And, note that Barry Hilton is a member of that group.

And, of course, there is also the "League of Augsburg" website (and their "Fighting Talk" forum):

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...


Those of us who are far from any gaming shows very much appreciate accounts and photos from those who get to attend them.

Thank you.

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Hi Jeff,

Glad you enjoyed the account!

Thanks for the link, too.


Greg Horne