Friday, August 29, 2008

Guess What I'm Thinking?

Recently I've been reading my new Osprey on the Fortifications of New France (FORT 75) and I've been revisiting some very old wargaming territory.

The French and Indian War was my first love, and you never forget the first one, do you? I think this came from a few sources. One was the front cover of the 1982 Military Modelling issue which featured the new (!) Pax Britannica 28mm figure range of French and British Figures contesting a palisaded fort. Lovely figures and very well painted. Another was a uniform feature in the same magazine some time later on the FIW period. The final push was the first "real" wargames magazine I ever bought.

That was "The Courier", back when Bill Protz was the editor. He and another gentleman wrote twin articles on "The Action at la Belle Famille" wherein French forces attempting to relieve the 1759 seige of Fort Niagra were defeated at the eponymous action.
Compagnies Franches de la Marine fire at advancing Red Men.
The Indians in this image contain the FIRST Ever RSM/Pax Britannia figure I ever bought!

I have noticed that the next volume in the FORT series that is in preparation by Rene Chartrand intends to conclude with an examination of the Forts around the Great Lakes - this includes Fort Niagra. It's a real shame that I've mis-laid/lost my copy of "Drums of War Along the Mohawk" - BARs older brother. I'll just have to buy another.


Bluebear Jeff said...


As I recall, the Courier spent an entire "theme year" on the French and Indian War.

I checked and it was "Vol. VIII, nos. 1 through 6. These were published from 1987 through 1989 (the Courier's "publishing year" usually taking much more than a single year).

You might want to see if any of your friends have this . . . and, if you can't find it any other way, MagWeb carries those issues.

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Hi Jeff,

I bought a weeks trial sub to MagWeb a few years back and pulled down that particular volume.

Previously I owned three issues from that year "in the flesh" and had for a long time wanted to get the whole thing.



Martin said...

Hi Greg,

Yeah...The FIW has it all-skirmishes, large battles, sieges, great looking troops, clash of cultures, and wide ranging campaigns. I remember a book in the elementary school library about Wolfe at Quebec that had an illustration of a squad of Gorham's Rangers slipping over the side of a whaleboat at the start of a patrol. I wish I could remember the publsher or title so I could add it to my own reference library. I must have spent hours as a young boy staring at that picture! It was so evocative. A lot of research has been done since the '60's, and I've recently
stumbled across a great source of information. Go to Click onto their "resources" link, and then onto their "links". It will introduce you to the somewhat weird world of reenacting. (Well maybe not so weird...I'm a wargamer, after all!) There's tons of information about the FIW, ARW, 1812, flags, uniforms, locations. It just goes on and on.



Bloggerator said...

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the link.

I know what you mean about the power of an illustration to capture the imagination. For me it was the cover of that 1982 MM magazine. I still go back to it to dream...



Capt Bill said...

Thanks for the great pictures of RSM figures. They are actually better than some on their own site. In any event, you inspired me to actually order a unit. I love the firing pose! Thanks again...Bill

Bloggerator said...

Dear Bill,

In my opinion the French Infantry "Stand and Fire" pose is the best of the whole range and an absolute delight to paint.