Friday, February 13, 2009

Niagara Project Update

New York converged Provincials. I stumbled across these in a sample bag I bought off RSM ages ago. They are actually from their AWI range as "militia", but I think they were commissioned from Steve Hezzlewood (along with an advancing figure) for another miniatures company in the later 1980s - you'll find the ad for them in v6 of "The Courier".
There is not really much information to be had on these fellows. I stronly suspect that the officers were dressed much as the men with additional silver lace on their coats. I've not yet decided whether to represent them with the normal RSM officer figure, or perhaps the advancing Prussian officer. The New York Regiment won high praise for it's good conduct during the siege.

The Staff. Still a work in progress at the moment; the horse nearest the camera still needs his rider to be painted!

I've started painting a few staff officers. Mostly complete, they still need their bases to be greened up. From the left they are the colonel of the 44th, an ADC riding post-haste and the inspiring colonel of the 46th. The fourth horse is awaiting another ADC. He's an early experiment in the oil-paint-wipe-off method. Oddly, the paint remaining in the recesses had crazed; it looks like a miniature old master!
All figures are by RSM.


Capt Bill said...

You've convinced me, I placed an order with RSM. Can't wait to get started. Thanks...Bill

Bloggerator said...

Don't forget to mention my commission!


Bluebear Jeff said...


It was your photos of RSM figures which got me to buy them . . . what can I say but "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Hi Jeff,

No worries, mate!


DC said...

Re. the 'crazing' oils (sometimes i feel crazed after working with oils) i trust you're using liquin, or a similar drying medium? If not that might be worth a try.