Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Guns, the guns the sound of guns

Taking maladministration and peculation on a massive scale as a given, let us admit that the Artillery of Gallispania and Alzheim have fallen into a sad state of disrepair, disorganisation and a great many other words starting with dis- and then move on, shall we?

I've always liked artilley models and have collected a great many of them from a great many manufacturers. Now, while this has satisfied my child-like appetites for pretty-pretty toys, it's not really let me build a useful collection of guns for the wargames table being a they are, all rather incompatible with each other and my RSM gunners!

I'll be selling them off as far as possible to produce a more unified park based around the RSM range and the odd ring-in for perceived gaps such as in the fortress and siege artillery areas. And I may well indulge myself here and there... no! stop it!

I aleady have a few RSM guns and I like the few Eureks pirate ship guns I've been using as Fortress Artillery (they look good and the price is right) and will keep on going this way, but with limbers, horse teams, munitions wagons to properly support them.

On another note to the Imaginationeers (new word, add it to the dictionary today) who likes the idea of creating their own 18th Century-style Legion? The Legion de Horne for example?


Bluebear Jeff said...

As to creating a legion, my Principality of Saxe-Bearstein is far too traditional to go in for such an idea.

My vile Stagonians, on the other hand, are eager to steal anything they can . . . even ideas (but gold is better).

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hi Greg,

If you still have a few artillery pieces left after the "great fire sale", you can always use them as monuments to past glories. The great thing about this is if the scale is small, the knaves, louts, and tillers of soil (a.k.a. potential recruits) can sneer and say things like, "Ho ho! We have nothing to fear from a country that would field such a pop gun!" If the scale is large, you have the makings of your own version of C.S.Forester's "The Gun".

The Markgraaf of Raubenstadt is a big believer in the concept of legions. His army currently has two: The Truerpfalz Freikorps and Barfly's Freikorps. If nothing else they provide a great excuse for some outrageous color combinations for their uniforms, and they are good for a laugh on the battlefield.

abdul666 said...

With your drums and guns and drums and guns, Hurroo hurroo...

Frankfurter said...

I'm in real need of artillery models ... and am not too squeamish about their compatibility at the moment ...
I'd been playing around with the idea of getting Austrian figures from the early Napoleonics (helmet infantry) to build a legion on ...

Die alte Aechzener said...

Taking maladministration and peculation on a massive scale as a given,
A given? I thought they were a pre-requisite, in the Age of Ostensible Reason :)

As for raising a Legion, hmm, that bears close scrutiny: a Stagonian Legion might well add a raffish, not to say leering and evil, aspect to my pseudo-Austrians

For Artillery, I had been recruiting from Front Rank, with an expensive detour into the delightful Perry Grasshopper Guns, but of recent the relatively cheap Old Glory models have lured me away - especially as their limbers are so reasonably priced (every time I've gone to buy Limbers til now, I've always been stopped by the thought: but that could be more REAL Fighting troops, sadly).

Bloggerator said...

I'm enjoying your real-life blog by the way.