Thursday, November 04, 2010

Things You Find... Redux

On a hunch tonight after I got home from work I combed through a little-regarded storage area here at home.


Perhaps it's a sign that I have too much toy-soldiery whan I discover troops that I have not only forgotten, but forgot when I last worked on them. Still, it's a nice surprise.

Starting with the Castaway Arts stuff:

Half a dozen Hadendowah Camels and riders - 90% painted.
A dozen "ansar" Cavalry minus their horses - 40% painted.
Ten "early" Ansar. Just need basing and a few weapons and shields painted.
A handful of Egyptian regular infantry and Bashi-Bazouks, about 80% completed.

Then there's the Conoisseur stuff.
40 Naval brigade, about 65% painted.
A handful of asorted Highlanders, bare metal.

I've taken this and added it all to my painted/painting lists and feel I ought to be able to come up with the following by about January:


3 units Ansar
1 unit early Ansar
1 unit Jihadiyya rifles
1 unit of cavalry

4 units Hadendowah
1 unit Hadendowah rifles
1 unit of Camelry

4 units of infantry
1 field gun battery

4 units of Infantry in Home Service Dress
2 units of Naval Brigade
1 unit Yorks & Lancs Infantry
1 unit of Camel Corps
1 unit of Hussars

So, now that I've stopped hugging myself, what to do with this bounty?

Looking at the British, I am thinking seriously about Wolseley's 1882 campaign against 'Urabi. Lots of appeal there for me, and incentive to build up my Egyptians and my Highlanders, too. I could use my Krupps and build lots of field fortifications as I seem to enjoy doing.

The Egyptians would let me defend Khartoum, any number of desolate garrisons, or let me see if Hicks Pasha might ever have stood a fighting chance.

Another possibility that occours is a campaign based on the Desert Column. The naval Brigade could proxy for some of the camel corps. The British would take a little more building, but the Sudanese are nearly there, I feel. An interesting element would be the British need to limit their casualties as they needed to remain a viable force if they were in the last instance to throw themselves into Khartoum. Likewise they would have to protect their wounded as they accumulated during the campaign. It might be fun to include Fred Burnaby as a special character.

What would you do?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Paint more Egyptians and do the 1882 campaign . . . that seems to be where your heart is leading you.

Then you will have more troops for some later fun.

-- Jeff

A J said...

The 1882 campaign is a fascinating study. From the bombardment of Alexandria through the armored trains to the final battle there's plenty of scope for colorful units. And as you say, the figures can be used for the later Nile campaign too. =)

DC said...

'What would you do? '

Greg, i'd learn to focus on one project for more than a few weeks....8-)

BTW, 1882 was my first colonial project - provoked by the centenary series in Mil Mod - do you have that?


Bloggerator said...

May to September is more than a few weeks :^)

That Mil Mod series was about the first Wargaming series that I ever came across. I was 14 at the time and spending my paper-round wage on that and a few RSM miniatures. I think I first bought MM at Part 2 of the series and only got part one a couple of years ago!