Sunday, July 17, 2011

Noodling about on the Net

As in the title, I was poking about on the internet and stumbled across this:

Which led me to the back of a 1985 issue of Marvel Comics "The Savage Sword of Conan" featuring on the back cover an advertisement for players to join the play by mail campaign "Hyborean War".  You could "Join the tens of thousands nationally who are enjoying the vivid interactive games only made possible in the last few years by recent advances in computer technology.

And then there is this:

And this:

And to think I was foolish enough to plan on working on some of my French cavalry and Anglo-Prussian infantry some time in the near future.

Help! I'm all over the place.


abdul666 said...

There are several Hyborian army lists on the web (e.g. a series of HOTT ones on 'The Stronghold' (closed?) and now Mead Hall; some for DBA). The topic is dealt with periodically on TMP.
Generally contradictory, starting with the seminal "Royal Armies of Hyborean Age". Howard's descriptions leave ample room for interpretation except in a few cases. Even more so, and highly controversial, when it comes to 'visualize' the various troops types, because many fans know only the (silly) Marvel renditions.
I'm old enough to remember the 'old' popular images of Ancient / Medieval warriors, designed in the late 19th C. and still used in the 1st 'Funcken' ("All Times": 1966!) and Saxtorph ("Warriors and Weapons 300 B.C. to A.D. 1700 in Colour"). My basis for 'educated guesswork' is that Howard knew, and took inspiration from, these then popular reconstructions. Unfortunately, the 'historical accuracy' of commercial miniatures greatly increased since the "70 (following e.g. the successive editions of the WRG booklets such as "Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome") and 'inaccurate' but perfect for Hyboria figurines are no longer available.

Ross Mac said...

I could always send you my copy of Armies of the Hyborian Age if that would help increase the static. After 36 years, if Conan ever appears on my tabletop it'll be because he has some how come through time to help Prince Valiant in a skirmish.

Bloggerator said...

Hello Jean-Louis,

I'll take the time to check them out. I found one or two myself, including the Armati one in the post.

My library used to have a copy of "that" Funcken. I have nothing against vikings in winged helmets.

Ross; thanks for the kind offer. I'd dearly love a peek at least.