Saturday, December 17, 2011

Progress Report

I was wanting to post a brief update on the latest of the Imperial Cavalry Regiments I was working on.
 Just to refresh your memories, this is one of the "before" shots of the unrenovated figures.
 Here are the latest "after" shots. As you can see, I've completed 17 of the Troopers and three of the Officers. Only 7 Troopers and the Regimental Colonel to finish off and then I can start on a regiment of Imperial Foot I have been thinking about. I guesstimate there is about another day and a half's work to do on them before I'm done.
I'm open to suggestions for a name for this unit.


tradgardmastare said...

Regt Bleu-Danube??

Martin said...

Hi Greg,

Those are some nifty looking troops! You'll have to hold a parade so we can review all of your collection.

They need a name eh?! 'bout - The Gestalt Karabinier - they're feeling pretty good about themselves and their overall situation!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

The Red Shabraques or the Spanking Chaps. :^)

Ross Mac said...

The Hathway Horse?

Looking good.

Martin said...

If you go with "The Gestalt Karabiniers", their Colonel could be Sigmund Sang-Froid! Ha, ha, ha!