Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Salm-Salm-Salm Regiment

 Happy New Year to all, and as the painting round starts to crank up again, I thought I'd post a couple of work-in-progress pictures of the latest regiment of the Imperial Army. Thirty figures down and another 23 to go to finish up the current painting challenge.
Regiment Salm-Salm-Salm is the personal plaything of the Imperial Minister to Alzheim, Herr Salm-Salm-Salm. A wily minister, he will play no little part in the dramas soon to unfold.


Phil Olley said...

Wow Greg. You are certainly knocking these units out at a good rate. Well done. It should be a fine sight when they all converge for battle on the tabletop.
Best wishes for the New Year.

Bloggerator said...

Hi Phil. Just the one unit to finish up and I'll be ready to start.


abdul666 said...

A perfect 'Old School' unit, 'The War Game' in full colours: compliments!

Best wishes,

Bloggerator said...

Grace, monsieur.


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Lovely! I never tire of seeing your SSM units, Greg. Wish I had not turned up my nose at plastic figures back in the 80s when these were still readily available in plastic by the bagful at, by today's standards, rediculously low prices even factoring in airmail costs from Britain. The old ads mock me as I page through vintage issues of Military Modelling and Miniature Wargames occasionally.

Best Regards,


Bluebear Jeff said...

Fine-looking soldiers . . . but they will need exercise, sir . . . and soon.

-- Jeff