Saturday, December 01, 2012

From the Back of the Cupboard

 Almost literally true in this case.
 Ii was having a clean-up today and re-discovered 60-off painted Eureka Macedonian Phalanx which I purchased and painted in a mad frenzy of enthusiasm when they first became available. Then I carefully read Arrian and decided Alexander was not really to my taste after all and that I didn't really like the figures and... well... just abandoned them.
Of course, now I think they'll go splendidly with a Successor army and am relieved I never eBayed them off. They are closer to true 25s which fits well my current concept for an ancients army, are not too badly painted and just need to be dusted and based.

I also found some Elite Republican Romans. Now I'm thinking of Pydna. Or Pyrrhus* of Epirus. Naturally I'll have to replace the Elites with Mirliton as they'll scale better together.

See how my mind works?

*Now, there was a man who lacked focus!

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