Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Terrain - Mahdist Fort

One of the 'gun ports'
 Over the weekend I finished off the first of my Mahdist forts. I see this sort of position as an artillery fort mounting a single gun and only a relatively small number of riflemen.
Something of the entrance and the decoration of the building
Construction of the small building that has been incorporated in the earthwork is foammcore. The earthwork itself is polystyrene cut with a hot wire cutter then surformed wioth a sanding block. The surface was sealed and textured with gap-filler and fine sand.


Fire at Will said...

Hmmm bagels, yum.

Looks very similar to those from Touching History, which I will get around to sometime for my Madhists.

Thanks for the reminder

Bloggerator said...

Ni prize for guessing my reference material then!

I like this one too: