Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fin de Siecle Alzheim Project

You may have guessed from the last few posts that I am working away at the Fin de Siecle Alzheim Project.

I'm trying to get a little synergy from a current painting challenge to boost things along and so far we are not doing too badly - 18 Alzheimer and 11 Prussian infantry painted. Additionally, I've painted up a couple of siege pieces, part of a Renedra Pontoon bridge and a prototype river barge to use in a river crossing scenario.

I've another 10 Prussians on the painting bench ready for their first serious encounter with the paintbrush, another 10 or so waiting on cleanup and assembly and another 20 or so in the post!

On top of that I ordered a unit of 12 Spencer Smith "Classic" Uhlans, one of the Willie ones (because I hear they are lovely!) and another 20 Bavarian infantry. I'm hoping this will give me a bit of momentum/motivation to move the painting along.

So then, by the end of this particular process, I'm hoping to have three units of infantry, a unit of cavalry and a battery of guns per side ready to go by the end of April.

A nice little force, I think.


Ross Mac said...

Should be enough for a border skirmish at least as tensions rise. Glad I can enjoy these figures by proxy!

Old School ACW said...

Reminds me I ought to get some piccies up!