Sunday, March 09, 2014

Littler Britons - a project update

 Oh, it's been a while since I last posted. I've just been steadily pottering about with my various projects. As you can see, I've added a second unit of infantry here.
 Lord Cardigan personally leads a vedette of the 11th Hussars. No black bottles here!
 The band continues to practise. The brass section needs a little more bass.
The guns continue. I have a boduy of gunners on the go at the moment - a dear friend it busily sculpting spare arms for me. Thats as far as the lead mountain takes me for now. I did trade some plastic Spencer Smith ACW for some Paypal pounds which I've used to buy more. Expect to see the rest of the 11th before long and possibly a pontoon train from Fife and Drum as well as some 4Ground wagons. More infantry? Yes, of course, another two units. A ballon corps and a couple of engineer wagons would be nice, too.


Steve Gill said...

Excellent. Of all the efforts currently featured in blogland this army is definitely one of my favourites.

Old School ACW said...

Thank-you Steve. I've really tried hard for a particular effect with this army and I feel as though I'm pretty close to my self-imposed mark. I hope to as well with those FPW chaps.



Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, extremely fetching. . . if one can say such a thing about miniature military men and their mounts/equipment. I am, of course, partial to the 11th Hussars, so do be a good man, though, and hurry along with gathering and painting the rest. Kidding aside, they all look great.

Best Regards,


Ross Mac said...

I REALLY like the new guys in the dark blue trousers and helmets.

That hussar wearing a forage cap instead of his busby had better hope milord doesn't turn around and see him!

Old School ACW said...

I put it down to the declining standards generally today. people will be drinking lager beer directly from the bottle next, mark my words.

GW Regal Blue with a dollop of black does the trick.

Glad you like them.

Stokes, I will be kicking along with the 11th as soon as the castings arrive. I have the horses ready to go as we - ah - speak.