Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pook Manor III

 Pook manor, now with all the mullions in, card brickwork added and basic assembly done. At last!
The roof formers are in and a more fiddly bit of cutting out I have never done. Nonetheless, they are there and ready for thecking.

A few minor details remain for the building - a front-dor for one and some decorative moulding from string for another. Then i can go on and plaster the whole thing and undercoat it. thatnis of course when the real fun will begin - painting it. I am planning on doing the main work with gouache washes and then finishing it off with a little light spray painting.

Then I can think about basing it and incorporating a small hedged folly of some sort.

Now, about those rules...


Ross Mac said...

I was about to ask how big the manor was when I saw that your copy of Gush had arrived thus answering my question.

I'm going to show my ignorance here but I was surprised by thatch for a manor since I assumed, without any research that slate would be a sign of wealth and power, a cut above the peasant and his thatched cottage.

johnpreece said...

I am going to go with Ross here, but a might have good news.

I can't post a link in this pop up box, but if you google Little Moreton Hall or look at theentry on Wikipedia, you can see the huge size of stone, (not slate, blocks used on the roofing..

I do not expect you to copy the black and white detail exactly.

Bloggerator said...

I was thinking of places liike Woodsford Castle:

or Alford Manor:

or Happisburgh Manor:

Ross Mac said...

Interesting, looking at the pictures I would not have identified that as thatched. Nevet seen one so thin and so tidy, especially at the edges and such a nice even shade of dark grey.

Carry on sir!

johnpreece said...

Fair enough, carry on.

We will wait for your next post before criticising again.

Bloggerator said...

I look forward to it!

I've put the thatching down as rows of towelling strips, well-soaked with PVA glue. It will be all day drying, but I hope to be doing some painting this evening.