Friday, September 05, 2014


No pics yet, but the following WiPs are that close to being done.

* For the Safi/Torch project, the "Bernacole" and a handful of crewmen. Does anyone make 20mm US sailors in dixie-cup hats? I needs a few. The superstructure on the Bernacole needs doing and am waiting for a few bits to make the forward gun platform to arrive.
* Ditto for the Safi project, some Vichy artillerymen and the first of my Moroccan Tirailleurs.
*Another nine ECW Cavalry. Carabiniers, or light cavalry, I suppose. Butt of weapon braced on the thigh. Fairly quiet horses, which is a relief. They've been a while in the painting, but came together in a rush at the end as the lining-in was done. Really just need gluing to their horses to be done.

On the Hinchcliffe ECW cavalry, I am rapidly becoming a Gilder fan-boy. So much is revealed as you go on painting the castings; yet the "so much" is just enough. One might say so much and no more. Or even  - an elegant sufficiency. The castings are perfect and respond so well to acrylic washes on a white undercoat.
 I like them more and more.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your ECW figures since I'm building an ECW army as well.

-- Jeff

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ditto. Paint, man, paint!

Best Regards,

Von Tschatschke

Ross Mac said...

Reviresco might have something suitable for US sailors. Their 25mm are 1/72nd so shouldn't be too far out.

Another possibility might include tumbling dice ww1 figs

John Ray said...

If you were on the AMG Forum you could talk to Doug Mason the nearest you will get to PG.