Sunday, June 14, 2015

Remember Majuba or; Up the Chamla with Old Buller

African or Indian?
He was beloved by his troops, reviled by Leo Amery as symbolizing everything that was wrong with the British Amy at the time and somewhat rehabilitated by Thomas Pakenham as the man who perhaps first taught the Army how to fight a modern war. This rendition of Redvers Buller VC is of course a simple conversion with paint of the Willie "von Bismarck" from their Franco-Prussian War range.
Some more Willies ready to give Johnny Pathan one up the Chamla. not too sure as to whether they may join the "Littler Britons" collection or my broader colonial forces. They were at least an entertaining challenge to paint.


Conrad Kinch said...

Wonderful work there old chap. Have you decided on rules, etc?

Bloggerator said...

Oh, The Sword and the Flame all the way.

Thanks for the compliment.