Monday, June 01, 2015

The Age of Linear Warfare

I've been tinkering a little with a set of convention rules. The basic idea is to get out either the Prince August and Meisterzinn moulds and get casting.

Any comments would be welcome:

The Age of Linear Warfare

*Equipment: A 48” baton marked in 4” increments. A number of six-sided dice for the adjudication of combat; a number of six sided mini-dice equal to the number of units on the table and; one extra token to mark the extra pip Guards units may have.
*Units, be they Foot or Horse, have an 8” frontage. Figures are mounted on two 4” wide wood strips. As many figures as are regarded as aesthetically pleasing may be used.
*Every unit gets a number of pips (generally six). When this store of pips has been exhausted, the unit is considered destroyed.

*Line Infantry 8”
*Light Infantry and Line Cavalry 12”
*Artillery 8”
Any unit may expend a pip to gain a double move to charge. Charges must be declared at the start of the turn.

*Infantry – I die per stand. Range 8”.
Cavalry do not shoot.
*Artillery – 4 8” bands: Band 1 – 5 dice, Band 2 – 3 dice, Band3 – 2 dice, Band 4 – 1 die.
Procedure: roll dice and pray for 4+. Every Hit thus obtained removes one ‘pip’ from the defender’s store.

*Melee is adjudicated with a simple opposed dice roll with modifiers as follows: +1 if Guards, defending a linear obstacle, charging unto melee or if the pip difference between the attacker and defender is two or more "pips".
*Loss of the Melee results in a one-move push-back for the loser and  the loss of one 'pip'. The victor may elect to follow up with another round of Melee with a +1 advantage on the dice roll. A subsequent second will result in the losing unit being destroyed regardless of remaining 'pips'. Draws result in a mutual push-back of a full move.

*Units down to the last pip may perform no offensive action.
*When half the army has been destroyed, the remainder must withdraw.
*A unit may choose to Fall Back In Good Order. It retires a full move during the next move Phase. Thenceforth, it may recover one pip per turn in which it may perform no other actions.
*Guards units may have an extra “seventh” pip. Light Infantry have four pips only.
*Generals. Have two pips. They are not affected by morale rules. On joining a unit, they will recover a pip for that unit. Any unit attacked whilst with a General attached must flip a coin to see which of them bears any pip loss.

EDIT - Melee Rules updated. 
EDIT #2 - Melee rules updated again.


Steve Gill said...

This looks like a very worthwhile endeavour - big colourful figures and rules so simple even von Boffke could use them - what's not to like :-)
A couple of initial thoughts:

Turn sequence?
What are the consequences of losing a melee?

Bloggerator said...

Good points Steve. IGOUGO and Move>>Shoot>>Melee>>Morale.

Loss of a pip and a one-move pushback. The victor elects to follow up.

Thanks for the input,


Conrad Kinch said...

Only thing to do now Squire is to get them on the table and see how they run.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

My thoughts exactly, Steve!

-- Von Boffke

Bloggerator said...

I'll give them a run tonight.

It strikes me that this might be a candidate for being made a gridded game, as well.

Ross Mac said...

By and large looks good to me. The drawn melee looks fine for cavalry. I'd let defending infantry stand though.

I'll add a playtest to the toodue list.

Bloggerator said...

Thank-you Ross. I appreciate the feedback.

I look forward to a play-test. I did not manage one myself last night unfortunately. I'll be trying for one tonight.