Thursday, November 26, 2015

Never Sell Your Toys

For you shall someday want them again.

About three years ago I had a large pile of plastic Spencer Smith ACW Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.

There was probably enough of everything to build complete armies for the Union and Confederate sides. With sufficient leftovers to do things like staff groups, crews for paddle steamers, fortress gunners, engineers and all that.

Naturally I sold it all off as I had decided to do ACW with my Tradition 25s. At the time a difficult decision as I had really liked the look of John Preece's collection shown in The Wargame Companion and absolutely agonised over the choice.

Now of course I've gone and looked at the pictures again and thought well, you know what, I'd really like to do a few.

Learn from my sad example.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Totally agree, Tony

Ross Mac said...

The best antidotes for seller remorse are to
a) paint something different that you do have, preferably from another 1/2 finished project
b) put some figures on a table and play
c) buya phalanx of painted Benassi hoplites and a small horde of Thracian peltasts in patterned cloaks from someone else's collection.

johnpreece said...

Aint that the truth.

If its any consolation, I have also sold my SSM ACW, and yes I regret it.


MiniWargamer said...

Wow, totally agree with you. Sorry for your finally recognized loss this holiday season! ;-)

Der Alte Fritz said...

I've never regretted selling any of my minis (although reaching the decision to sell can be gut wrenching) because the funds usually go into. New and better project. Besides, I can always repaint the project and since my painting has improved over the years...


Prince Lupus said...

I feel your pain. I gave away twenty bags of SSM C18 figures about 15 years ago. About 600 figures. "I'll never want to put such old fashioned figures on a table, would I". Mmmmmmm wrong again.