Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Franco-Prussian Frenzy

I was very lucky today.

I was poking about on eBay and stumbled across a smallish collection of 25mm Tradition FPW figures. Imagine my surprise on looking at them closely (for they are very well-painted) and noticing they were painted by Stuart Asquith.

Well, considering it's my birthday, I could not really turn them down, could I? All I need now is to come up with rules for ten-figure units. A mere bagatelle, surely?

And here they are, a few pics (not the whole collection) that I nicked off eBay.
French Line
Thuringian Infantry
Tirailleurs Algeriens
I do like the fact that Stuart has supplemented the very limited Tradition FPW range by a few judicious additions from their WW1 range. Looking carefully at the figures (of which I already have some here) I think it might be possible to make up some Chasseurs d'Afrique out of their ACW cavalry, perhaps while also using some Union gunners to man the French Artillery. I love making do with old ranges - stretches the imagination and makes you really look deeply at what is available. Now, I wonder if the Scruby 25mms are compatible..?


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

What a find!

Best Regards,


johnpreece said...

Not wishing to sound smug, but I have played a game with these figures and very enjoyable it was. I would suggest grabbing a box of the Strelets union command if they are still available, that would give you a very nice selection of command bases.

Congratulations. (and Happy Birthday)

Ross Mac said...

Well nabbed!

Not having seen any Tradition 25mm in the metal, let alone having played with these, let me just say that Scruby 25's are basically Airfix compatible.

Bloggerator said...

Thanks Gents,

Stokes, indeed! And I am quite chuffed.

I know the set you mean John. I presume you were using the Charge! variant he's written about?

Ross, thanks. They ought to be reasonably compatible then. Hmmm, hmmm.


Phil said...

Very nice!

Stuart Asquith said...

Hello Greg!

I can assure you these chaps are seasoned veterans and will fight well.

Thank you for your kind words regarding the figures. I really like the often overlooked ranges such as Tradition's 25mm and 30mm, along with Warrior Miniatures and such.



Stuart Asquith

Stuart Asquith said...


Glad you like the figures, they're veterans and will fight well.

Thank you for your kind comments about them, much appreciated. I really like the often overlooked (and very reasonably priced) ranges such as Tradition's 25mm and 30mm, Warrior Miniatures and so forth.

Regards, Stuart Asquith

Bloggerator said...

Hello Stuart,

I'm quite a fan of them myself. I have a pretty decent Tradition 25mm ACW army that I treasure.

I'm looking forward to adding to them.

All the best,