Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Winter War

I have started collecting figures for a 20mm Winter War project.

For the Finns, I'm using Eureka Miniatures excellent figures. Apart from gun crews and perhaps cavalry and vehicle crews, the range includes pretty well everything you could need to make up a Finnish army.

I have painted a battalion so far. Here are a couple of pictures to get a taste of how they are coming along.

MG and Crew
 Very happy how they are coming out.
Riflemen in the snow
I have started on the Soviets as well. I've painted a box of the Strelets Winter War  infantry, but  the limited options in the box mean that heavy weapons and command figures need to be sourced elsewhere. I bit the bullet and went to Pegasus who have lovely great coated Soviet troops with anti-tank rifles, Maxims and 81 and 120mm mortars. naturally these are meant for the Great Patriotic War period and there are anachronisms - like the ATRs, SMGs and the M1940 helmets, but my options are limited and what the heck, I do have the Rapid Fire! supplements for the eastern Front, so what the heck.

I will be using Zvezda Senior Officers, 76.2mm infantry guns 76.2mm and 122mm M30 artillery.
Zvezda Winter Command. Love the chap with the pipe and the Astrakhan hat.

Wish me luck and have a happy new year!


Conrad Kinch said...

Lovely stuff. I hadn't seen that Zvesda command group before. The chap with the pipe is priceless.

When are they due to take to the table?

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Pretty, yes, but can they ski?

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

The Russians can't ski. They do have a lot of just delivered manuals on winter war-fighting, though which will burn well.

I'm guessing another couple of months should see the Soviets in fighting condition.

Ross Mac said...

I would consider these to be very well painted 40's.. 20mm eh? Well done! Great bases too.

Mind you, having just been out to the woodshed on a cold snowy morning, I feel sorry your lads!

All the best for the New Year.

Bloggerator said...

Kind of you to say so Ross.

Happy new Year to you too!