Saturday, March 25, 2006


This represents about two hours' work with stencils, white glue and hot wire cutter.

To round the basics out, I want to do another wall and another with a gateway. Additionally, I'll also do another two half-bastions to butt up against the table edges. Then I'll probably need two more ravelins.

For fun I'll do another wall, a ravelin and a bastion that have been breached.

Then there's the bridge I'll have to do to link one of the ravelins to the gate.

They'll all need parapets. I'll probably cut them from foam-core card as simple vertical parapets. The real things were very thick, with gun-ports cut in them, but in this scale I don't think it will matter too much. Besides, foam-core is a little too inarticulate a material to take that kind of detail, sadly.

Note the tree on one of the bastions. They used to grow them there so the roots would bind the earthern fabric of the bastion more closely together. Furthermore, the wood would furnish both fuel and the materials from which gun carriages could be manufactured.

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