Thursday, March 23, 2006

Terrain for Blasthof

Here's a few early thoughts on terrain for the battle of Blasthof Heath.

The ground and the river will be green paper and blue cellophane held down with double-sided sticky-tape.

The plough will be corrugated cardboard covered patchily with sand and PVA and painted brown.

Blasthof Farm will be a Dapol thatched cotage I own.

The Blasthof Berg will simply be two pieces of polystyrence cut with a hot wire cutter an painted the same shade of green as the paper.

The bridge will probably be foamcore and card, painted to simulate stone.

For trees I have a few Merit items. From the same purchase I also have a few fence-lengths and a couple of hedges that will mark the edges of the plough and the farm-yard.

I'll mark the fordable area of the river with brown paper to represent the muddy bank.


John Watts said...

Hi, Greg

Interesting that you are using a paper battlefield. Belonging to a club that occasionally has all day Saturday games, I hit upon this as a way of saving time on the day - I paint up the map, build the hills and mark on the starting positions of troops in pencil. Then, on the day, I get there a half hour early, just unroll the paper, blutack it down, and put on the hills, trees etc. The troops go down where they are marked.

You can see an example of the finished effect at the Blenheim game

I've done his for quite a few battles now - it has the added advantage of being able to refight the battle at any time with the minimum of preparation. I must have fought Shiloh at least 5 times.


Bloggerator said...

Hi John,

Very interesting indeed. As soon as I wrap this post up I'll go and take a llok at your site.

I came to the paper terrain idea via Major-General Tremorden Rederrings' website. (Just google "Tremorden").

I also like the idea that it's pretty cheap, recyclable and easy to manufacture.