Thursday, May 11, 2006

Completed: The Regiment Fouquet

Anyone have even the remotest idea as to what flag I should give them?


Anonymous said...

They look pretty good. Are these the ones you did with a black undercoat? Whaat do you think was the main difference, and which technique did you prefer?

Bloggerator said...

Fouquet's are the ones done on a black undercoat. The judge is still out on which technique I prefer. I've always painted on a white undercoat in the past. My method has been mostly to block in the colours, do some judicious highlighting and then black-line to tidy up. On a white background, the yellows and reds really only need one fair coat to get a good result. With black you need two or three. However, with the black undercoat you don't have to paint every little hard-to-reach crevice in a model and can simply pass thiss off as your darkest area of shading! Black-lining is somewhat simplified if you have the patience to leave an edge of the undercoat showing whee two colours meet, although in my experience I always need to go and do it again anyway as I am a messy painter. You certainly don't need to do boots, hat and hair more than once which is a plus.
I still find that the best trick when painting is to go first with the single largest area of colour with a large brush, wash it with an ink and then do as careful a job as will repay the best results in highlighting it. I will be starting to paint some Anglo-Hanoverian infantry soon and making the red look good will be my first priority.