Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Toys

With the internerd still being down at home, here I am puting together a post at work...

More RSM goodies arrived in the mail last night so I'm now putting together a French Heavy Cavalry regiment. It's pretty generic at the moment. Coat and lining are gris-blanc; facings and housings are red.

Just for once I've decided to go from a black undercoat. It'll sace me some time painting boots, hair and tricornes. I have always liked the fact that with black undercoating you have less miniature to paint. I'm also dry-brushing the coats which turns out to have been a BIG time-saver. I'll paint on a little pure white here and there to tidy up and to put in some of the most prominent highlights. Some black-lining also serves to clean things up later in the painting process.

Faces and buff small-clothes tonight. I'm aiming to see how quickly I can get the eighteen figures of this unit painted. I'll need more to flesh it out to twenty-eight to twenty-nine for the Grant/Young-Lawford worlds.

I also got my French infantry in the "Advancing" pose, so work can commence on my light corps soon, too.

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