Monday, January 14, 2008

Second Move

Alzheimer Gunners about to give Johnny Gallispan a jolly good hiding!

No chance cards were drawn this move for either side, so the Gallispans made like busy beavers and began sapping forward.

They opened two trenches and, using three working parties on each, constructed two 36” saps, zig-zagging every 12” as they went.

This left them with an unoccupied working party, so these brave souls went forward along the left-hand sap and constructed 12” of the second parallel.

The Gallispans also now moved to occupy their works, The Gardes Francaises and the Bourbonnois regiments occupying the first parallel, whilst the Berry and la Reine Regiments received their orders to occupy the second parallel once it was completed.

On the Alzheimer side, “Kinsky” watched the sudden surge in Gallispan activity with not a small degree of alarm and while not relenting with his mining activities, determined to open fire on the enemy saps.

Batteries one and two in Bastion Kurprinz opened fire – Battery One demolished the Parapet thrown up before the incomplete second parallel, effectively destroying it. Batteries Three and Four in the Kurprinzessin failed dismally to hit a single thing, whilst Batteries Five and Six in the Kurfurstin Bastion were very successful indeed, destroying two 12” lengths of sap.

Neither side elected to make an ACTION move, so this concluded the second move.

Oh, the Gallispans were gnashing their teeth that night!

Chance cards – at the start of each move, each side draws a chance card from a deck of 20. Half are blank, the other half have various “amusing” (to me!) incidents printed on them.


MurdocK said...

Sounds like they may have been sapping by 'day'? Something that was not so much done that I have been able to determine 'historically'.

Also, I am not familiar with your rules set, so saps 12" and parallels 12" are hard to envision.

Could you say what the ground scale conversion is for your system?

Also a list of your 'humorous' cards might share the 'laugh' (unless you are planning to share them 'in progress' of this test)?

Bloggerator said...

I leave the time of day to the readers' imagination. For my own part, I imagine the action to be taking place by day - although any referencs you provide to the contrary will be taken into consideration! :^)

My ground-scale is (more-or-less) 1 inch to ten yards.

I'll share the contents of the 'humourous' cards as and when they come up; so far I have been drawing blanks. Their purpose is to randomise events a little and to provide the novelty of the unexpected to the proceedings.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...excellent - this continues to be very interesting (which must conclusively prove for once and all that I'm a wargaming geek!)

...your rules are working well - nothing I've read so far seems anything but entirely usual in all the histories I've read, which is a good thing - bravo!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hello Greg,

This sounds like lots of fun! Especially your use of the chance cards, something I've long wanted to try as well.

Best Regards,


Glad to see someone else plays on the floor!

Bloggerator said...

Ah, we're all geeks at heart, Steve! Glad you're enjoying the ride.

Stokes, when one has no table, the floor will do - and it's much bigger than any table I'd be allowed to use!

Bluebear Jeff said...

A question about your "chance cards" . . . do you re-shuffle drawn cards back into the deck? Or do you discard drawn cards?

(I'll note personally that I think I would prefer the former option . . . it would leave things more "up to chance" and one would never know if all of the events had shown up . . . or when they might occur again.)

-- Jeff

old-tidders said...

This siege game is developing nicely

-- Allan

Bloggerator said...

Hi Jeff,

I'd not thought about it, but you're right, that makes sense and will become my practice henceforth.

I suppose that I could just prepare a table and throw a d20, too. "Oh no, another 7! Dysentry removes another company of my beseigers to the hospital..."

All the best,