Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Move the Third

The third move saw the Alzheimer side continue to mine doggedly forward. Their three mines now projected three inches forward of the lip of the glacis.

Meantime, the Gallispans had repaired their right-hand sap and opened a 48" second parallel. At the right-hand end of it they promptly emplaced a battery of two guns, having judged that it was time for them to begin striking back at the Alzheimer artillery.

You will remember from last move that I named the Alzheimer fortifications from left to right as the Kurprinz Bastion, the Kurprinzessin Ravelin and the Kurfurstin Bastion. So then, from the six dice the Alzheimers got to throw, five of them came up as either a five or a six. The only fortification that rolled low was again was the Kurprinzessin Ravelin with only one of it's guns striking home.

The five Alzheimer hits demolished the entire Gallispan second parallel and the battery they had planted there, but not before it had itself fired it's guns in defiance, scoring a single hit on the number two gun in the Kurprinzessin ravelin. This hit dismounted the gun.

NOTES: Gunfire is simultaneous. A hit on a gun happens when a six is rolled - the gun is irreparable on a roll of a further six on a d6. The ALzheimers will have to use one of their working parties to repair their gun if they want to have it ready to fire next move.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...and there would have been much gnashing of teeth in the Gallispan camp... :o))

I've just finished "Lords of the Bow" a novel about Genghis Khan - he used to carry three tents around with him that he would put up in front of any city he was besieging - white meant that he would accept a surrender with no reprisals, when the red went up it meant he would accept surrender but with reprisals (usually all males were put to the sword), when the black tent went up you needed to look for a deep hole - it meant he would totally destroy the city and put all inhabitants to the sword... very effective early propganda once the word gets round.. sounds like the Gallispans need a red tent.. :o))