Monday, March 02, 2009

Fort Niagara - to scale

Update: the map. Be warned! It's almost 1MB to download. It is scaled to print out on a piece of A3 paper for those of a bold nature...

As part of the process of creating a model of Fort Niagara, I've asked my ever-obliging partner Amy to help me with scaling out the fort fom the plans reproduced in Dunnigan's "Seige".

I scanned the picture for her and asked her to overlay a grid of squares, each a scale 150' x 150' which is taken from the scale in the map legend at it's upper right corner.

Remembering that Drums of War (among others) uses a ground-scale of 1" to 10 yards, it is simple to calculate that each grid-square will equal 5" x 5" on the board I'll build the fort on.

I will grid the board in 5" squares and then transferring the details will be relatively straigtforward.


Capt Bill said...

Can't wait to see the fort.

Bloggerator said...

It's a slow process Captain, but I'm hoping to start the floor-plan this week.