Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Light Bobs

I have finally completed the light infantry contingent I need to do the La belle Famille scenario. I've been fitting them in between bouts of plastering and skirting-board laying as we prepare for our coming new arrival*. It's amazing what you can get done in 20-30 minutes while you get ready for work. From the rear they are the Light companies of the 4th/60th, the 46th and the 44th regiments.

Each company is ten figures strong, representing their real-life counterparts at a ratio of 1:5.
They are being led by Captain de Lancey. The casting is a Prussian Officer, but it's close enough to the look of the British troops that I am comfortable using him.

The figures are by RSM (as ever) with a few minor conversions to turn up the peaks of their cut-down tricornes for a little variety.
I find that I have ten castings left over in the stand-and-fire pose, so I am considering doing Gage's light infantry at some stage in the future.
*Yes. There's a baby on the way. Number One. Ogodogodogod....


Martin said...

Hi Greg,

That is a fine looking body of troops! Well done! (As usual!)

Congrats that child prototype #1-A is under production! Remember that the prototype comes with no instruction book, so lots of food, diapers, and love will loom large in your future for the next couple of years.



Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Good Morning Greg,

Lovely work on the latest round of RSM figures, and congratulations to you both on the coming arrival of your little one. May he/she be as talented and prolific with the paintbrush one day as you are.

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Hi Greg

Great looking figures as always. Congrats on the impending baby - don't worry it won't interrupt your painting/gaming for more than about 20 years.


Bloggerator said...

Hence what I have been calling the Great EBay Sell-Off! of course...

Thanks for the good thoughts.

Ian, you're a naughty boy.

Stokes, I have a feeling she'll be more into wearing pink, pestering her parents for a kitten and looking for fairies!

Martin, I believe so long as you put food in one end and keep the other relatively clean, I'll be OK. I think. That's what they tell me, anyway!

Obviously my output is going to slow down from here on in...

Fitz-Badger said...

Congratulations! Maybe there will be teddy bear wars in your future (ala Alte Frtiz)...
Oh, and you might want to savor the ability to get a full night's sleep while you can! ;-)