Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where are we now?

Right then.

The anal-retentive within calls for an accounting.

The progress of painting (house, not soldiers!) continues, but there is hope that this evening Madam will be out to the football which means I can sneak a few hours painting of a more pleasurable kind in.

This week I've been steadily working on a block of 16 RSM British Infantry and a Stadden British Grenadier NCO. They are all base-coated, flesh painted and have their hat-lace sewn on.

I think I might be able to polish them off tonight - it's really just a matter of getting all the highlights in and painting weapons.

That will see the British Contingent for la Belle Famille completed - in fact completed rather over specification.

The scenario calls for 30 Light infantry. I've painted 31.

I need 10 Line of the 44th - I have 18.

I need 38 Line of the 46th - I'll have 46 painted by this evening.

I need 5 Grenadiers of the 46th - by this evening I ought to have 11.

I need 10 NY Provincial Infantry - I have four. What???

Currently I have a package waiting for me at the post office with (I anticipate) another 16 Provincials and 72 Indians which ought to see me done.

I am over quota on my British. Don't worry! There's a plan to that! I'm just pushing through with an eye on campaigning the siege iteslf. I have been painting artillerymen in infantry uniforms to represent the garrison at Fort Niagara, as well. I ought at some stage start doing the same for the British.

I've mentioned earlier that I already have sufficient French to see me over the line, although they are not really from the right units, historically speaking, so there's no more painting to do on that front, thankfully.


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Go, Greg, Go!

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No-one can stop me now!!!