Friday, September 16, 2011

What's tickling me at the moment

You will all have had this happen to you at some time, I'm sure.

You are working away at what is going to be THE project for the next two years; you've spent huge amounts of money. You know how it goes.

Then you start noticing things.


I'm just hopeless, really.


justMike said...

You're hopeless? YOU'RE hopeless? And do you really think that GaryC is simply going to game in the future WITHOUT those Ardoberg-Holstein cavalry regiments LOL. Think of us here as your own little support group. We won't get you away from your wargames addiction, but you also won't have to work too hard on your rationalizations either. - Mike

tradgardmastare said...

We are all the same...
I do it weekly- some things I store in the to do box some never happen. Worry not ,enjoy the mental planning stage.The seed is planted in your mind it may germinate or not.
Go back to The Great Work when you feel like it.Too many in the hobby are too driven and singular of mind. Have fun -after all that is why we do this thing!
best wishes
p.s FLW is a great set of rules, fresco and above all fun. Plan it over the winter ,dabble but you don't need to start just yet...