Friday, November 25, 2011

Grand Review

I had a thought to take a leaf from Der Alte Fritz's book and conduct a grand review of the Spencer Smith Project. Maximilian von Browne, first General of Alzheim is conducting the review from the comfort of the Elector's Arms, a very fine Inn. In a rarae spirit of amicability, the Empire is also taking part, doubtless to spy on our dear old Alzheims preparedness. Truly the imperials are as vile as any Stagonian.
The Estaerhazy Hussars thunder past. Long in the Imperial service, they are well overdue to have their basing brought up to a more modern standard.
The Imperial Artillery. I note their mounted officer is out of uniform!
The imperial Infantry. De los Rios in the foreground, Insbruchen behind, and the Swiss to the rear. remember the French saying "Pas de argent, pas de Suisse!"
Alzheims brave artillery. Time to start on teams for the guns.
Von Browne agrees. As he ought!
Alzheims' Jager korps line the walls of an enclosure. Spanking chaps.
von Prittwitz' regiment. Perfection if I do say so. One of my favouurites.
Alzheimer infantry. The LeibGrenadier Garde, behind them are the LeibRegiment and then de la Rosee. The latter are short 17 Privates, their Colonel (who must be awol with his mistress) and their fahnenjunker. Oh! The shame!
The dread Black Genadiers? No, they just need new coats.
The Buddenbrock Cuirassiers.
The Brigade of Dragoons. The Marchmont Regiment needs to be rebased to match the Comardo Regiment. Apart from tht, perfection!


tidders said...

A splendiforous review

-- Allan

Gary said...


Phil Olley said...

"I think I have something in my eye." Seeing all those brave lads, enough to bring on a tear!
Fantastic Greg.
Well done.

Ed said...


These kind of posts certainly get the gaming blood flowing.


Mosstrooper said...

Very impressive display !.

Michael Mathews said...

Bravo and well done. A fine and fearsome mass of fighting men.

abdul666 said...

Beautiful and impressive!

Gallia said...

Congratulations Greg!
Resplendent and satisfying progress.
Extremely well done,

Capt Bill said...

What a collection of handsome lads!

tradgardmastare said...

Give you joy of your stout fellows sir!

David said...

A splendid display!



David said...

A splendid display!