Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Alzheims first and only (?) gunboat.
 Well, it's my bithday and what better way to clebrate than with a little modelling? Herewith I present a start made on Alzheims riverine gunboat. Potent she is with her twin Cowper-Cole turrets, each mounting a pair of 64PR MLRs. Yes, she's smaller than the paddlesteamer, Ross. Lesson learned!
Our almost completed fortlet - Werke XXXVII
 Needing only a lick of paint and a rear wall across the gorge as well as a bridge for the moat is Werke XXXVII
Exercising in the ditch of Werke XXXVII - Regiments la Rosee and von Prittwitz
 Speak of the devil, the part-painted rear wall. It needs some work on the pillars and door as well as a light wash over the bricks to tome down the white of the mortar. Getting there. The bricks were stamped on with a balsa rod trimmed at one end to the correct cross-section.
The von Prittwitz  Regiment
And of course, the piece de la resistance, Alzheim's newest infantry regiment, von Prittwitz's. With a history going back at least to the Turkish Wars, she remains one of Alzheims oldest and most famous units.


tradgardmastare said...

Happy birthday from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!
Splendid modelling going on indeed...

Bloggerator said...

Many thanks my dear Duke.

Conrad Kinch said...

Bonne anniversarie old fruit! Your work is looking rather fine.

Phil said...

Happy Birthday Greg
This latest project is coming on very nicely indeed. Liking the buildings and modelling a lot, and the figures are lovely.
One day, I hope we'll see all your 18 century Spencer Smiths arrayed for action ... please. I know you must by now have quite a collection!

Bloggerator said...

Why thanks Mr K.

little by little...


Bloggerator said...

Hi Phil,

Long time no see! Hope you're well!

The collections progress slowly, but they do progress. Something soon.


Beaty said...

Happy Birthday from the Grand Regency of Vulgaria!

Keep up the great work, and here's to another four years!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, happy birthday old man! Hope you enjoyed it.

Best Regards,

Von Tschatschke

Ross Mac said...

Happy Birthday and Many happy returns.

Fort is coming nicely.

Will the ship's guns be able to see/fire over the bulwark?

Bloggerator said...

Hi Ross,

The ship is based on the Danish "Rolf Krake" which had that part of her bulwarks adjacent to her turrets hinged to drop down to permit the guns to fire.

I'm glad you like the fort - I'm now really itching to get it finished so I can try it out.


Ross Mac said...

Ah, the Rolf Krake, of course. I didn't know that. Probably with sub contracting I suppose, doesn't look like the Kellog's ship building co put hinges on. May have to paint them on but you might be able to fix it, would be impressive to have working ones that you could drop mid-game before opening fire.