Saturday, March 16, 2013

Morning Constitutional

Willie Prince Bismarck
 I've not yet quite decided who this is in my reality. One of the Willie franco-Prussian War range, I painted him per the relevant Osprey plate of Prince Bismarck.
A nice figure and very easy to paint. With the addition of some binoculars or a telescope or whatever, and with a little arm-bending, he might serve both sides of our little conflict. Heavens, I could even see him painted as Redvers Buller in 1899.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ah. . . It's very dangerous (for me) looking at all of your new guns and figures. Very dangerous stuff indeed.

Best Regards,

Von Tschatschke

Bloggerator said...

Careful there old man. My next project will be Alzheim in the Age of Napoleon.

All the very best to you too,