Sunday, May 12, 2013

Strelets Hungarian Infantry

 The Royal Hungarian Army at Stalingrad, figures by Strelets.
 I am loath to do this kind of photography. Flash photography done at night rarely looks terribly good and one has to fiddle the results so much in Photoshop afterwards that I myself doubt how accurate a reflection of reality they are. Nonetheless.
 They were all painted over a white undercoat. The basic colours - the flesh, the uniform colour - went on mostly as washed-on, thin coats of heavily diluted colour which I then ink-washed to pick up the detail. The black items (boots, gunmetal bits, balaclavas) were all painted a mid gray then given a thin wash of black. I find that this technique models the shapes nicely. I stumbled across it whilst painting my Alzheimer/Bavarians and Prussians.
 I used a little selective layering, mostly on the packs and a little dry-brushing to pull up the textures of the fur garments.
These prone infantry have yet to be varnished.

Best thing about these figures for me is the unusual subject and that you more or less get a battalion in a box. 


Tsold9000 said...

sweet cammo on the poncho. you captured the hungarian pattern nicely.

Bloggerator said...

Thanks very much - Camoflage is always a bit of a balancing act between the real and the miniature!