Friday, June 07, 2013

Policy Framework Document

Without adding an extra 16 figures per unit at this stage (notwithstanding a permanently open option on doing so in the future...) I think I have an outline for a "Landsknecht Project".

Something like this:

The Good Duke Sigismund von Alzheim
One 80-strong Landsknecht "Regiment". Die Blauen. For hire. Reasonable rates, satisfaction proffered. Mostly. Looting? Well, if pay is sufficiently in arrears.

The not so Good Freiherr von Herkheim
One 80-strong Landsknecht "Regiment". The Black Band of black-hearted knaves.For hire. Reasonable rates, satisfaction proffered. Under the right circumstances. Looting optional.

Ritter von Gaustadt, a man who enjoys a good time (ein geiler Bock* in the common tongue).
One 24-strong Gens d'Armes Regiment. "die Unaussprechlichen". Ahem.

Franz das Kamel.
Master of the Esoteric Order of the Artillery. A captured town's church bells are his, by ancient right.
An amazing medley of gimcrack cannon of all kinds.

*OK, yes, I did just find a German slang glossary online. Happy days.

UPDATE: Since my last go at this post, I've taken another close look at the Willie Catalogue and it seems to me that the ECW Cuirassier might also do as either a Reiter or as a ... Cuirassier - ie, a chap in 3/4 armour with a fully-enclosed helmet. Also, the Spanish Mounted Arquebusier from the Conquistador range has uses both as a mounted arquebusier and  as a light, lance armed cavalryman. A dozen of each type perhaps? Is that another four units of medium and light horse? Hm. Hm. Hm.


Ross Mac said...

What, no stradiots or mounted arquebusiers? Just a thought on the gensdarmes, they often fought in a single rank, perhaps 4 x 6 man squadrons? or 3 x8?

and baggage wagons, can't have landsknechts without baggage!

Bloggerator said...

I can do 3 x 8, 2 x 12?

I can even do the mounted arquebusiers. Now, lets get on with it!

johnpreece said...

Wow! Back in the good old days that lot would have cost a family car.

And don't forget to treat the Duchy to a few vivandieres while you are making up the order.

Bloggerator said...

Still does just about..! Nonetheless, it's a plan for the next 12-18 months.

The vivandiere casting is not so good at the moment with a dirty great wodge of metal (not just a bit of flash, no sir) filling the gap between base and hemline! Time for the Dremel, methinks.

johnpreece said...

Yes, I accept that with vintage figures you have to do a bit work on the casting, but I draw the line at being given a block of metal to sculpt my own figure.

Bloggerator said...

Oh John, you're not sculpting the figure. Just freeing it from the lead block that imprisons it!