Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekends' Output

Fifer, Poseur and Spanish Pikeman
Dreadful lighting for photography and thus my apologies.

The collection is building apace. Apart from these, I dug out and renovated a half dozen cavalry. It will be time quite soon to examine the question of basing.
Spanish Lancer
Converted from the Willie mounted Arquebusier that they never seem to supply an arquebus for!

Sword and buckler guy and a few whores and powder monkeys.
From the current 1565 collection, L-R, a sword and buckler man, the baby-eating Bishop af Bath and Wells and Pizzaro.


Phil said...

Very nice, colorful, figures! Great work...

DC said...

Very nice Greg, you are cracking on with these. I have been resisting the urge to do a similar project for a few years now, the recent Armada series in Miniature Wargames pushed me perilously close to the edge, and now you go and do this...
How do you find the quality of the castings (not that i am interested...obviously) ?

Bloggerator said...

G'day Doug, the Armada series did not go unnoticed here either. Glad to be a source of temptation for others.

As to the quality of the castings... The old Willies are flashy and a bit indistinct in places. The Landsknechts in Pluderhosen are perhaps the best of the lot. The new "Tradition Willies" are much better overall and well-designed and animated but are poorly cast in placed with pita and holes here and there. Similar to the "Fontenoy French". But them, but lay in a stock of good files, perhaps a dremel for those really big lumps and a stock of liquid greenstuff.

Allthe best,