Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finnish Sturmi

The Bits
 Sometimes - more fool I - I get to work early, sometimes I can't be bothered getting up from my desk on my lunch break. So what to do?

Make a plastic model kit of course! The Airfix StuG III has always been one of my favourites and despite being more than fifty years old, holds up pretty well today. Oh sure, the details may be a bit soft here and there, but dimensionally, the old girl's pretty good. Well, in every way except the weedy main armament.

The Bob
 So, a quick fossick in the spares box and we have one of many PAK 40 barrels left over from all those Opel Blitz kits and we are sorted.

Next step, while enthusiasm was high was to take the pin vise and drill out the wheel holes - all eighty-four of them. While the pin vise was still hot, I carefully drilled out the PAK 40 muzzle-brake.

So, a few words on the kit - it's a StuG III G, late production type with the cast "sow's head" mantlet. A fair basis on which to produce one of the batch of 30 the Finns took delivery of in 1944 and then modified on the basis of their own experience.

For me this means concrete armour on the drivers and loaders positions, an armoured shield on the drivers visor, extra applique armour on the lower hull sides, adding the tool-box rack over the rear engine deck, fine mesh grills over the engine intakes and then of course plastering the while thing with zimmeritt.

The first step then will be to assemble the hull and get those applique plates on.

PS - This morning whilst at home I got cracking on a dozen of the 20mm Garrison Phrygians to go with some of the new chappies - using these latter as painting models. Lovely kit.


Beaty said...

Watching this closely as I am doing a Finnish project myself. I wonder if you will be doing the timber armour?

I found it had to get the Russian MG for the Commander's turret...Scratch build?

Good luck!

Bloggerator said...

Hi Stephen,

I believe Wee Friends do a pack of DTs. Otherwise, I was going to modify the loaders' shield and not uinstall the MG.



Bloggerator said...

PS - yes, I'll be doing the timber armour.

Ross Mac said...

I am glad you got that lack of focus thing resolved. Got 4 periods in 2 scales on the go myself.

Bloggerator said...

Trying to stay focussed on Ancients, and 30mm Toy Soldiers at the moment, honest! This Finn thing,... it's just a fling!