Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Plots and Schemes

What's that Sahib?
One has as ever too many projects on the go. You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks images of old Rose Medes, Traditon Redcoats and so on. These are part of my two principal projects at the moment. On the one hand I'm getting an ancients army off the ground. It's looking like it'll shape up as Greeks and Persians, so I'm assuming Marathon and Platea will be on the cards at some stage. I've just knocked out a dozen Skythian/Saka archers and for the first time in a really long while I am really enjoying the painting. I'm just about to move onto a 24-strong Greek Phalanx (first of about 6 or 7, I think) who are also from Garrison/Rose and they are proving to be good fun as well, so things are looking up.

With regard to the bengal lancers above, I want a Britains-style army in 30mm, so off to the lead-pile and the Tradition catalogue I went. I had the Bengal lancer castings knocking about for quite a while - they'd been looking for a job and nothing quite seemed to fit, but this just might do. I'll add to them more cavalry from the "Crimea" range. Hussars first; led by Lord Cardigan methinks, and why not? Then some infantry - from the Corps of Drums range, I'm looking at three 18-strong units, with an option on the HR Grenadier Guards and some of the Household Cavalry, too.

Artillery is tricky, but there is a 4.7" in the Houston's Guns range at TVAG, and I think the Conoisseur Colonial 9lb might also do the trick. Gunners will need to be worked up from the Stadden infantry figures, or perhaps from the Indian Army range?

Anyway, give it six months and I hope to be out in the backyard with a smart brigade facing off against my Alzheimers and Prussians with a clockwork train and a monitor to boot - all in time for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.


Beaty said...

All sounds increasingly familiar! I get so easily distracted by new projects and themes...So much so that I have a trail of unfinished projects littering my hobby room!

...And every time I read a blog like yours I end up thinking 'Hmmm, that looks interesting!' :)

johnpreece said...

Bloody typical!

I had always assumed the Rose ancients were 20mm. So much as I wanted them I turned my back. Now I find they are 30mm... exactly 3 weeks after I got rid of a large army of Hinchliffe and Garrison Greeks.

On happier topics, can I suggest the Willie Sikh wars range. They have 6 Bengal Horse Artillery figures and the moulds are acceptable. A little bit early period but a small price to have the most attractive artillery uniform ever.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...


Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Stephen - we are entirely simoatico.

John - these are from the Prestige Range. Only a few figures, but oh my, so very nice. I'll take a look at the BHA and see how I go. Thanks for the tip!

Stokes - I know you want to. Surely you're bored with the 18th Century by now? Well, I guess you've not done a siege game yet, so perhaps you're not played out yet..!