Saturday, April 05, 2014

A Full Crew Aboard

 Last week I got my gunners back from Gerry. He very kindly sculpted left arms onto my infantry figures to allow me to call then gunners. I think you will agree he's done a fine job of matching Mr Stadden's sculpting style.
 So, I have raced ahead and painted a few up, just enough to crew the first of my pair of 4.7" guns.
Another crew is in preparation as I write this, so expect more pictures next week of the full battery.

I am happy to say this project feels as though it's got just the right amount of momentum. I think that the next job will be either to finish off the 11th Hussars or to paint a Fife and Drum Pontoon Wagon. Lets' see which the postman brings first.

Happy painting!


Phil said...

Excellent and very impresive!

Ross Mac said...

Well done all around.

wargamer1972 said...


Bloggerator said...

Thanks Chaps.


David said...

Now that's a big and most impressive gun! The gunners look good too. ;-)



Bloggerator said...

Thank-you David. I struggled a bit with the decision to paint the gun in the manner of the Britains original, but now (and with hindsight) I am glad to have done so.