Friday, April 04, 2014

The Varied Lives of Some Bengal Lancers

 Now something like complete for my "Littler Britons" project are my Bengal Lancers. These have had a somewhat chequered painting history in the two and a half years' since I originally bought them from Spencer Smiths'
 I spent ages looking at various uniforms. If you poke around in the archives here, you'll see what I mean.
 What wound up happening was I found myself with three meticulously painted types following the model of the lovely old Airfix 54mm kit. Then, one day I found I needed a dozen British Empire cavalry tout suite for a convention game.

Boom. I slapped a hasty coat of khaki on a dozen castings. Eurgh. But it got me through. I have slowlty been paying for that ever since and finally they have more or less arrived. The horses still need work. They were an early try of the wipe-it-off painting horses with oils technique and would benefir from a little detail painting - a few socks and stars as well as a bit of brass on the tack.

I do have a few more castings - enough to bring the regiment up to 18 figures, so that ought to be more than adequate.


Steve Gill said...

It's not a normal part of my vocabulary, but I find myself experiencing a strong compulsion to use the word "spiffy" here.

Rarely does one see so many 30mm Stadden cavalry (have I got that right?) so beautifully presented.

Bloggerator said...

Steve, they are Staddens to a naik. I am pretty pleased with them, I'll admit.

Argh. Paper pennons would be nice for the lances, too, now I think of it.

Ross Mac said...

Brings a smile to the heart to see them. And a perfect size for war games that evoke toy soldiers. What if I had biught sone Scruby and Willie clonial 30s instead of al those molds? Ah well.

Did you say you are going to make pennons from old foil toothpaste tubes?

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

I agree. Just the right combination of colors. The turbans, especially, are both impressive and -- Dare I say? -- very pretty.

Best Regards,


David said...

Very nice indeed! :-)

This really is a delightful project...