Friday, May 30, 2014


One of the less-played Charles Grant scenarios is "Action!".

This is the introductory scenario outlined in The Wargame.

It's a strightforward meeting engagement between two pretty evenly matched forces, each of two line infantry units, one light infantry unit, a unit of heavy cavalry. One side has a gun, the other a howitzer.

Terrain is simplicity itself. in the north, a line of ponds and marshy ground forms the tables' edge. There are substantial woods to the north and south boundaries of the table, each abut a third to a half the table length which give the light infantry avenues to play in. Walled enclosures are potential redoubts and tow roads quarter the table diagonally, turning it into something of a St Andrews' cross for the vexillographically inclined.

I'm not too sure why it's not more regularly played. The forces are not too different to "Sawmill Village", and the terrain is pretty easy to reproduce.

Why is it not as well-known as Blasthof? Who can tell?


Steve Gill said...

I think you're right, I don't recall seeing it very often and I can't ever remember doing it myself.

A bit of a mystery really.

Ross Mac said...

Leaving apart the relative entertainment value of the 2 narratives?

The smaller force size 4.5 units vs 6 might be a factor but I suspect that the main attraction of the other is that there is a specific, identified objective, bridge, town, so that they are variations on the timeless "king of the hill".

I don't think I've ever tried it but then having dismissed The Wargame when it was new, despute having my hands on a copy, the book is a new acquisition for me. Should add the scenario to my bucket list once my room is back together.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Sadly overlooked , think I've played it once, I must try it again !

Phil said...

Have done it several times... including with Charles in Napoleonic period for the re-release of Napoleonic Wargaming by Charles Grant.
A great encounter.

Bloggerator said...

Well, having never tried it, I'll give it a shot myself.