Saturday, May 31, 2014

Getting up to my old Tricks

Phew, I haven't done this in a while.
IR von Pinckel. Near Federstein am Donau, 1740
A small reduction in the Spencer Smith plastic mountain.

I had forgotten how so much of the painting these is in the black-lining. Once that's done the miniature is as good as finished!

They are interesting figures to paint. Very primitive, with detail that is indistinct at best and which comes and goes as you follow it around the figure but the basic shapes are there. What I like about them especially  is that if you paint with a fairly strong line and good, solid colours you are able to impose your will upon them to a very great degree. Does your regiment have lapelled coats? Yes? Well, paint them on! Marvellous.

You won't get away with more delicate wash-based styles with these, but provided you show the figure who's in charge, you'll get a good, strong result.

If you're man enough for them.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

I really like the way to treat your SSM figures, Greg. Lovely stuff. Clearly, you ARE man enough to handle them. The Regt. von Pinckel, eh? I have the distinct feeling I know these guys all too well, since the Young Master speaks to his mother in German all of the time, and I know what they are discussing.

Best Regards,


Bloggerator said...

Thanks Stokes.

I have to say, the name did rather just pop into my head.

Having now loked it up, well, oh dear...

I'm glad I added the c.


Springinsfeld said...

Very nice work on these old figures....I like the Airfix (Dapol) buildings too).

A.W. KITCHEN said...

A classic wargaming figure ! - In my top ten of favourite figures !

Keith Flint said...

Great work. As you say, these figures need thoughtful work to make them look good. You have achieved this, but for me these old Spencer Smiths aren't worth the effort. I tried a few many years back and swore never to bother again.

Now, RSM95s... there's a great range of figures!

Best wishes, Keith.