Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Fortress than you could shake a stick at.

The basic structure is now complete but for two more ravelins.

I'm starting to think about doing a glacis. I could do it with a 15-20mm slab of polystyrene, not too wide, carved at a shallow angle. Where the pieces would meet could be done by 'eye' I think. Line the inside with bamboo skewers to make the palisade and that'd be about it.


Ralphus said...

great stuff - I have the 'Charge' rules and know Steve Hazzlewood's sculpting work - didn't know it was still available.
It's made me want to get back into the big battalions

Bloggerator said...

G'Day Ralph,

The minis in the Fortress piccies are all RSM95's - Prussians masquerading as Saxons. They are available from Dayton Painting Consortium in the US. A quick trip to the manufacturers directory over at TMP ought to get you their contact details.

Did I mention that they were cheap, too?



Ralphus said...

I found them. Thanks. I used to have a large Austrian unit - werent they sculpted by an off-duty policeman? I am off to Ramillies in May to reenact that so I dont want to get too distracted by the SYW but check out an old webpage of mine - an intro into the Syw scene in Europe - the first 250th battle is this september.