Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Organisational notes for Blasthof.

My "standard" regiments consist of 43 figures.

There are four eight-figure "fusilier" companies, and one eight-figure "grenadier" company. There are two ensigns and a mounted colonel.

What's the problem? I hear you cry.

Each company is either six or seven privates with either an officer/NCO or an officer/NCO and a drummer to round the company out to eight figures.

All of my grenadier companies are manned by grenadiers in their distinctive headware.

Even for the 32 figure unit, I am going to pull up short by a half-dozen figures when it comes to organising them*. Time to get painting again!

I'm sure I have some RSM 95 castings floating about somewhere.

*Fortunately they are singly-based, so re-arranging my units won't cause any major headaches.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Greg
Considering that, IIRC in the basic Charge game grenadiers are not differentiated, I don't see that you have a problem. But my real interest is your motivation for refighting the battle?


Bloggerator said...

I think I'm just being a bit anal about the appearance of the thing.

To me it looks ike a nice little self-contained project I could pull together in a week or two.

I am fairly isolated (ie, not a club member, and no game-playing friends within cooee) and have to do most things on a pretty small scale if I'm going to do anything at all to completion. It struck me that this little project might be just the ticket to a) get me back on track after some diversions over the last three months and b)let me put on a demo game at a small local convention this year.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... well, if you're doing it solo, you can make sure that the grenadiers stay in one bunch (that's the technical word for `company' ;)). It's a bit of a bugger being stuck on your own - I spent some 20 years in that position, and without the internet. Don't know how I kept my interest going. But when I moved to my present home (Old South Wales) one of the criteria I used for finding a house was to draw a 20 mile radius around each of the clubs in the area. The local club may not be the best in the world, but it's better than being alone.


Bloggerator said...

Going solo can be a bit of a bummer sometimes, you're right. However, with all the great, supportive groups around (like 7YW, OSW, Colonoal Wars and the others), you don't feel entirely alone. Ans of course the upside is that you can do EXACTLY what you want!

Still, this project has whetted my appetite and I'm hoping to play out Blasthof this weekend as a test run - the first of a few I think, just to get me fluent in the rules and to perform any minor tweaks the scenario throws up.