Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Toy Soldiers

Ever since I came upon the "Brigadier" Toy Soldier shop in Beechworth a few years ago, I've harboured a desire to own some "Traditional" toy soldiers.
I ordered some castings from them recently and finally got around to painting one of the gunners this week.
He's all done in Humbrol enamels on a white undercoat with a sprayed on coat of gloss varnish to give him a nice finish. The one "painter's" touch he has is some black base-coating on his metalwork to make the "brass" colour pop out a bit more.
I'm a little unhappy with the blue of his coat - I feet it's a little greenish unvarnished, but it looks a bit better now.
I've put in an order with Soldier Pac for some of their Marching Infantry and a couple of Officers with Binoculars.
For the moment I'm gluing the "movable arm" in place - does anyone have any suggestions as to how to splay the head of the pin it hangs on to permit it to move?


Anonymous said...

To make a moveable arm, take a very small hammer and peen the pin down, just like a rivet.

Bloggerator said...

Hi Doug,

I'll give that a try tonight with one of the unpainted ones. Cheers,


Bloggerator said...


As you suggested, I just tried peening the pin down - worked rather well. Thanks for the tip!


Poruchik said...

Excellent work-I do like the toy soldier style of castings and painting.


Bloggerator said...

Thank-you Donald,