Tuesday, October 17, 2006

12 days without a post!

Unbelievable! You'd think I've run out of things to say! Or had been really busy.

Well, having set up that straw man, let me knock him down by saying I HAVE in fact been rather busy. Does that work?

Just in the past week-and-a-bit, my Eureka 100 Club submission (one I'd just about given up hope on!) has gone live.

I'm really waiting on Eureka to get a prospectus out to all those folks who expressed interest in my Arquebusiers de Grassin (and thanks to all of you who've hung in there) to confirm their interest and we are on. I spoke to Nic today and he expects three comand, and 4 or 5 skirmishing poses. I remarked to him that his line of skirmishing "ragged continentals" had greatly impressed me, so those are the spread of poses we'll be looking at.

I've also been swapping info via TMP (under the byline "jetboy" - it's a short story with no place here!) with another gent here in Australia on the Saxon Army in the mid-18th Century for another Eureka 100 Club submission which has also just about gone live.

Eureka will be getting very used to sculpting tricornes, I'd say! If anyone out there has an idea for some unique project they want to get off the ground, there are worse places to start.

I promise to get on with the Alzheimer-Vulgarian skirmish soon. Donald? How's your availability?

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Poruchik said...

I'm waiting on my confirmation, I've ordered 24 AdG, although I think I'll bump it to 48 to keep in line with every thing else I'm doing. Keep me posted regards any additional Eureka items. I could be tempted.

So you are 'jetboy' on TMP, I'm Synflood-it's a network security thing-what's the story behnd jetboy-in addition to everything else are you a flyer?

I am ready to publish what I think will be the final installment that brings us to musket point this week vis a vis the Vulgarian/Alzheimer misunderstanding.